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Many of the following "Master Messages" are not found in The Golden Scripts

[A stream of supernal intelligence from Higher Realms comprise these “Master Messages”. Authorship is attributed to a highly evolved Avatar identifying himself simply as “Elder Brother”, apparently that same personage known historically as Jesus of Nazareth. Originally called the “Great Speakings” , these ethereal communications were channeled by William D. Pelley during the 1930s. Two-thirds were first published in 1941 in a 844-page volume known as the Golden Scripts while the remaining messages appeared in various Soulcraft periodicals or were considered too personal for general dissemination.

Each exalted script flowed through William Pelley exactly as received in the idiom of Shakespearian England. Some readers find this archaic prose difficult to understand initially but with perseverance fall in love with the unparalleled beauty and wisdom. Mr. Pelley offers an explanation for this unusual literary style in the following article from Valor magazine, Vol.1, no.15, August, 1951]

One dear reader on the West Coast doesn't like the Golden Scripts. It is not because of the doctrine. He believes the doctrine. It's the style of the Golden Scripts he doesn't like. He can't see why the Elder Brother should talk in the stilted and formal speech of John Wycliffe's England, the era when the King James Version of the Bible was translated. It shocks him, he says, to have the language of the Biblical Psalms turn up such modern words as inertia, and galvanism, and atoms, and enigmas. Why can't the Golden Scripts be written in the modern style of Road into Sunrise? [novel written by Pelley] What was the idea in transcribing such an anachronism? Couldn't the Elder Brother have talked as we talk today?

The answer to it is, the Recorder [Pelley] had nothing to do with it. He took what was dictated, and lacked the temerity and audacity to alter one syllable, excepting where he became aware of errors in transcription making for bad grammar, or where repetitious lines or phrases could be foreshortened in the interests of sensible editing. But the meaning and phraseology was carefully preserved intact.

The whole constitutes what is known and recognized in literature as the “Sacred Form". True, it stems out of the style of language of the 14th Century in England. But throughout the past five hundred years, by conscientiously adhering to the Wycliffe text, the style has acquired a distinction, as a style, that identifies supernal authorship. Using a pertinent analogy, no one could expect an attorney to draw up a legal document in the phraseology of a sports commentator describing a prize fight. When a document has been presented in "legal language", we know that a qualified attorney has authored it. Such "forms", conveying the nature of the authorship by the manner in which a given work is written, are features of cultural intelligence in themselves. Savages and illiterates use only one style of expression chiefly because their vocabularies aren't extensive enough to do otherwise.

When the Elder Brother was on earth, the English language hadn't evolved. He spoke and taught in Aramaic — what we might call the polyglot "Yiddish" of His period, or Hebrew mixed with the tongues of the prevailing peoples. His use of the Sacred Form for the English of today identifies who is speaking.

If the Golden Scripts were presented in the phrase and idiom of the Reader's Digest, no one would have the means of knowing who was talking! Using Wycliffe's 14th Century English is the hallmark of the authorship.

Anyhow, He used that form of expression for reasons that seemed adequate to Him. This subconscious notion prevailing in some quarters that the Recorder must have had arbitrary jurisdiction over what came through is largely an indication that readers have only "gotten" the erudition academically.

The fact that the form of the Golden Scripts startles such critics actually indicates how successfully the style has scored.

(From Liberation, Dec. 21, 1939, Vol. XII No.3; not found in Golden Scripts)

I have written before, as I now write again…. Great peoples are not ruled from throne-rooms or conclaves, but from turrets in starlight. On the turrets stand Kings …They reign over Silence.....

And on each turret each King stands alone gazing across his dominions of heart-hopes. It is there that he is sovereign.

He is alone with his burden, his destiny ….God  

From that parapet of privilege he looks upon his kingdom, an imperial figure pensive in shadow, yet ever the King in his heart from the largess in his Spirit.

He knows that his destiny is not his own to order ….that he comprises Destiny to those who make up the poem of his sovereignty, tender under starlight.

In the eye of his sincerity he sees his dominions not as far-flung at all, but close ….very close ….verily compact ….for is he not the King? Is it not given unto Kings to see the myriad as the unit ....to grasp the circle as the segment ….to behold the portion as the whole ….to note the simplest detail and assign to it an excellence?

The King sees his kingdom as the sire sees his hearthstone set within acreage whose boundaries he knows. How many spears of herbage grow within his fencing he gives such no thought. Rather, is the season’s grass abundant that his people's kine may graze and pour milk for many children?

He knows that sleeping beneath his thinking at the hour are saints and rogues, the proud and penitent, the calloused and contrite, those who toil dully, and those that build swiftly in that their trowels are facile with cunning.

But he does not behold the saints and the builders as objects for his accolade ….more than he sees the knaves and the proud as objects for his censuring. Being the King, he accepts that God has given his people variation because by such friction comes the larger Cosmic Progress. Even so has God raised the King upon his turret to be a king ….the world not as a goal but as a garden to be tilled.

The King in the starlight stands upon a turret that leaves umbrage far below him.

He thinks above umbrage because he understands that he is not a man. His spirit is an Avatar using the body of a man to inspire his poor mortals above their mortality. He knows that within his kingly scene every man's traits and trends have utility. It is the essence of his royalty that he look above these, beholding the Vision which they cannot grasp, hearing the cosmic tocsin that sounds too deep and strong a note for Little Ears to tune in upon the magic of its harmonies.

It is a kingly thing to plan out marches for armies down the stars, yet be able to condole with a barmaid in a little inn because her poor tankards are awaste with sudden holes!

So each King thinks his thoughts on each turret in the starlight. And what he thinks tonight will be tomorrow's fiat ….or the prate of little councilors believing they themselves have sired what the King has mentored in his solitude, in that he conveyed not his words but his Visions unto them without their suspecting they were caught upon a turret.

Sometimes in a fortunate land there are many kings, on many turrets, afrown with many strategies. If they be true Kings they do not consider each other as rivals, as anglers for elegies and eulogies of poets. They stand as compatriots, sent as Captains of the Horse from the Almighty's Tenth Legion, that the Gaul which is Spirit may be divided in excellence.

They are Comrades in a Company.

Each King upon his turret hears the thoughts which each fellow-King may be thinking at the moment. Those thoughts have attunement, because, being servants of the King of Kings, they think His higher conquests and do His ordinations.

Truly is that land blessed that has many such Kings in Night-Thoughts on their turrets.

Now Kingship is a thing of Spirit, not castles to insolence, nor yet ermine robes to spill passion on men's senses.

Kingship is Temperament.  Kingship is a sweep of vision, an earthly reservoir of patience, an unruffled mettle that comes from hoary wisdoms.

It is the business of thinking in galaxies of souls—not commanding the moth that pauses on bright vestments. The true King knows that the moth will wing away, but the gold of the vestments will extol his royalty when the chalk of the insect has been cleaned by many zephyrs.

The true King may come down from his tower made of granite, but he never comes down from his Turret of Perspective.

God is Intelligence wedded to Compassion. The King is God-made-small to fill men's little gropings.

America this hour is astir with many monarchs. She has her high stars. She too has her turrets. Ever and anon, self-styled aristocrats steal upon those balconies and drink thickly of their vistas. What have these to do with the real Kings, the real Queens, who seek high solitudes to commune with the Infinite, not royal visionaries but Seers of Royal Visions?

They are those who have conquered their own stupefactions, plucked the gadgets of petty vauntings from their purple, embraced that majesty of Poise that sweetens as it strengthens. They are the liberated, though they take it as a birthright. And even if they knew, they would strike it no medallions.

It is to show the true Kings and Queens the stair-flight to the turrets that God has toiled and rested ….and inspired …this Throbbing Moment. He achieves His labors through the mix of ancient alchemies, dropping acids of neglect on the flesh of bland pretenders to make them wince and vacate, knowing that the gold of Kingly Character shows no etch from rancid plottings.

But the stairs up to turrets where stars are vigorous, where angel wings beat softly close along the parapets ….such stairs are small and sharp and steep. Not until the bruising climb is ended, with cressets snuffed and handholds ragged, does the balcony come level with joyous constellations, singing in High Silence about a Vault of Glory.

For strength is ever silent.

Noise is vaunting ….to screen the indecisions.

We are many Kings reflecting on our turrets in this night-time. The cobwebs of our towers that spiraled to our turrets …these we have endured as the parcel of our heritage. Presently we shall descend. We shall counsel in a conclave.

But the serfs and the thralls and the thanes and the knaves shall never suspect that each King of Us, against whom they have plotted in their smallness, got our wisdoms from our turrets. For that is the splendor of Night and of Kingship. It counsels with Infinity but translates its seership through Little Men who perceive our thought but vaguely and hurry at once to bother God by calling His attention to the fact that they have shared it also.

Still, we Kings are content. Would we waste an obelisk to see our names on granite? Let a pebble be inscribed and tossed into a chasm.

The earth has a Way, a Book, and a Lamp. All three shine in darkness. And each King knows the Way. He has read the Book. The Lamp is his Spirit.

Verily, my stalwarts, it is great to be a King. Greater still it is not to be overcome by the greatness of overcoming. The true King knows the proverb.

He has read it on ten thousand nights from his Turret!


(From Soulcraft book Adam Awakes, not found in The Golden Scripts)

My dearly Beloved, harken to my wisdom. Cometh a time unto every man when he saith: "Where is the creature who is complement to myself? Behold I am but half a soul. I perceive in the depths of my creation that I am incomplete. I have left remnants of myself up the shores of Time. I know not fullness in my being.?

What is this fulfillment of being, Beloved, but man's hunger for womanflesh, that she may make total of him? What is that hunger which assaileth the female of man's species, but that she shall know her masculine soul-stuff from which she separated before the sun and stars spawned?

Woman originally was not different from man, for verily men are women constantly, and women are men, as it pleaseth the half of the soul to exercise. l say unto you, it were best from the beginning that man in his spirit should be divided. That which was tender and longsuffering within himself was best set apart, that he should be rejoined to it when the End Times are come.

What meaneth One Flesh? I say that men and women, as ye do witness them in earth-life at the moment, are warp and woof of identical cosmic stuffs; they are one person divided into two; they are the Alpha and Omega of all existence, unit unto unit, in lambent consciousness. Yet, I say unto you more.

The time hath come, in that which ye call civilization, when a man shall look upon the wife of his bosom and perceive her for what she is. She hath traveled a long and thorny road with him. She hath been the softer and tenderer aspect of himself, inculcated in an organism that preserveth his species by becoming fecund and giving birth unto the vehicles for expression of offspring on your earthplane. Should she not be honored for this? What merit hath she otherwise if man looketh upon her to lust after her and, having satisfied his lust, abandoneth her to the trials and rigors of earth's fortunes?

Woman hath come unto Man and said unto him: I am your passion and your amour, I am your sweet thought at sundown when the lily hath her folding; I am your good angel and your benediction when that which ye have strived in hath been crowned with its emoluments; I am your compassion and your comrade; I am she who taketh upon herself the ennoblements you have defaulted in and holdeth them up that ye may see them lambently."

And yet I tell you, Beloved, man who taketh woman unto his bosom taketh but himself in all those aspects in which he defaulteth as his masculine flesh.

Men and women, I tell you, are identical creations, made to fit and mold each into the other, knowing neither grossness nor satiations in their nurturings. They are completings of what the Father ordained the Soul to be: well-rounded in its aspects, seasoned and purified of base carnalities, living in a prescient triumph of what Life could do in surmounting Flesh, satiate only in those matters that pertain to Holy Spirit.

Love hath a gift to make unto Life. It hath Completion of Divine intent Manifested. Thou art the Alpha and Omega of that intent. Thou art holy in thy First Principles no matter how rendered.

Behold, the lover seeketh his beloved. All is of gratification unto their union. Pray, what is gratification which they experience thus richly? I say that it is only knowledge that they are one flesh, that they belong together in the eternal tide of unitings, that they have a mission rendering to the other the sweet measurings of devotions.

Without such knowledge of the higher values, Beloved, behold them merely as human beasts rutting. Their godhood deserteth them. It giveth them no spiritual increase. I say unto you that wheresoever a man lieth with a woman without love in his heart richly for that which she fulfilleth in his life, he is a creature of fornication and his passions return unto him, wracking him forever and knowing no fulfillment.

l say it is no sin that a man sincerely loveth a female and cohabiteth with her, desiring that union be manifest between them. l say it is every sin that they fornicate for lust and holy spirit abideth apart from their emotions, leaving it to bodies to make that union sacrosanct.

I say it is venality, Beloved, that devotions of bodies, yea even devotions of souls, be left upon the ramparts of tattered heart-hopes while the spirit seeketh satiation of that which is but chemical. That is abomination; that is perversion.

Heaven and earth are alike in this, Beloved, that where sweet love based upon respect and union abideth, ever is there sweet tranquility of license. Men were not made for women nor were women made for men. Women have come forth from the essence of men that they might complete them up eons of circumstance, saying unto them in crisis: "Lo, be at peace, for am l not with you? The rod and the staff of my constancy strengtheneth you. The strong right arm of my loyalty upholdeth you. I am your Better Self, ordained of the Ages. Abide ye in me and I with you, and let us raise up offspring unto our intrinsic Holiness that future generations may adulate us, that we have done this thing in purity.

Such is true marriage, Beloved. Have the man-soul and the woman-soul been pure and constant unto one another, belonging to a common property, eschewing all other unions that theirs might be unified? When ye hath been told that such is made in Heaven, know that it hath been higher planes of life which hath made it tangible in flesh, blood, energies and aspirations.

I, your wiser Elder Brother, would have it said unto you by my lips that men and women loving unifiedly and deeply, no matter what the manner of their cohabitation, are the Truly Wedded in sight of the Host. What has the body to do with a wedding pledged of spirit, that each should make the other's strugglings and perplexities his own and stand strongly at the shoulder till all victories be accomplished?

I tell you that marriage is not joining of mortal bodies in wedlock; it is spiritual union of similar vibrations, far above the wonder that earthly men call sex. Thus are Men and Women rendered one unit by the Host, beloved. And their auras proclaim them, that weddings have joined them. Venalities are all those relationships where such colorings are absent. They are assignations of the night with foulness a couch for them. So hear me say it.

Ye do know your wives and sweethearts, men of flesh. But what have ye truly but emotional complements and completions of yourselves, held ever sacred in that they are fashioned of constancy and spiritual contentments?

And whence cometh such contentments? I say they come of mutual aspirations gratified; that ye be one and only one in your single eschewments; living, laboring for the harvest of perfect union which cometh in when souls have risen above earthly fornications, and the light of everlasting permanence sanction your relationship; that ye have looked upon each other and been content with what was sighted. So ever be it.

I am not one to condemn a soul in that it hath looked for complement and been thwarted. I do not condemn, I only point sweetly to the mutual increments of comradeship, that each soul-half may partake of it and see in the other his Godhood glowing radiantly.

Thus adjure I that ye go hence and practice it. PEACE 


 (First transmission dictated to Pelley from Elder Brother, comprising chs.1-5 of The Golden Scripts)

O ye of little faith! And yet, how could it be otherwise until the memory of Those Days is restored by the final triumph of Spirit over Matter?

My dearly beloved, how shall I make known to you that I am nearer to you than breathing, and closer than hands and feet? Beloved, I am pleased with you, and my love and strength go ever before you, verily in the highways that your feet do travel. Be of good cheer. Ye have kept my commandments that ye love one another, and these are the greatest commandments of all.Be assured, my beloved, all which happeneth, cometh to my notice. I do not let you suffer overlong for those shortcomings that are not of your creating. Ever recall the love that is between us. I say it shall be as your shield and your buckler.

When ye have need of strength, I bid that ye think on me, and I will send you a comforter who shall abide with you always and keep all evil from your pathways. My Spirit and my love go with you and sustain you. Know that I am sent unto you as a shibboleth of protection from the world's alarms. Ye are torn for love of me when ye do have no need to be thus distressed. Know that I am with you always, even in moments of blackest turmoil.

Beloved, I bid that ye trust and believe, to have faith in my love for you, that it bringeth you riches beyond worldly count. Doubt not that riches mean that which is spoken. Arise and go in peace, and my peace go with you.

Ye have been faithful in many small things. I will make you great over many large things. Doubt not that ye have triumphed, but take my yoke upon you and go forth to do battle with the opponent in adversity. The way will be shown you.

There must be neither tears, nor shadows of tears, in the way of the spirit. All is light, all is joy, all is beauty to those whose eyes have been opened to the radiance. Why should joy bring even the fleeting semblance of that which ye call pain. I tell you there is no sorrow in the thought of follies that are passed. What ye are, and will be, alone is worthy of contemplation. When I say unto you, as I do now say unto you, that ye are born again of water and the spirit, then all which is past is as perished as though ye had gone from old earth-bodies into those that are new, as ye shall find in truth that ye have. When flesh putteth on immortality, then is it ready to share the life of the height that is Spirit, even though it walketh still on the earth and meeteth the problems that earth calleth up.

A new beatitude I give unto you: Blessed are they who sit in the silence of Eternity, for theirs is the speaking Voice of the Father. I speak in your hearts and my voice goeth through them to those who are earthly.

Beloved, what more can I say unto you than this: Ask and ye shall receive, seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you. Go in peace, I tell you, and presently ye shall find the luxury of attainment.

When ye go about the labors of your day, remember my love for you, and that ye shall not always suffer for my sake. I do know mine own. They are the light of the world which cannot be hid. Make your lights so to shine before men that they shall perceive that ye are who ye are, verily my beloved, and gather about you.

I say unto you, call me not Master; call me Elder Brother, for are we not like unto one another, having love and common aims? Those who do love me and keep my commandments are no longer children. I say they are brethren, and he who is greatest among them is servant. Why then do ye not admit I am your servant, being your lord? We are a company for goodly works together. I have shown you the way. Ye have the privilege of following in my footsteps and partaking of my joys. We are children before the Father. We are brethren among ourselves. Let us glorify the Father by advancing His work and saving the unrighteous, even from themselves. In that joy shall lie our blessing.Ye are one with me. We stand equally before the Father. Although my source and experience have been different from yours, we have work that is similar. We do it arm in arm; we perform it together.

Ye have no need to call me Master, for ye too may attain to the heights of my triumphs. I cannot call you otherwise than masters in that day. Call me Elder Brother but do not call me Master, for we are of that company wherein all are equal, one with every other. The men of earth have called me Master, knowing not otherwise, but ye whose eyes are opened have looked and seen the truth. Do not belittle me by making me vain potentate when my mission is only to rule by loving service.

Greater love hath no man than this: that he shall serve faithfully for love itself, unto the end, regardless of reward, because love is spirit, and Spirit is of God.

Therein is a great mystery. I say the day arriveth when understanding of that mystery cometh to you. Then shall ye rejoice.Take my yoke upon you and go forth to slay dragons of fear, and doubt, and envy, and malice. Rejoice and be exceeding glad, for so went forth the prophets before you. Are they not in glory? The world will receive you now, where once it stoned you. Only those of the Great Darkness will make trouble in your pathways. I say that ye shall overcome them with Truth, at my instruction.

Come, let us reason together as each day dawneth. Ye shall be stronger for my counsel. Those who have served you have done well, I have honored them with blessings. But verily have they committed errors in their judgments which have handicapped you sorely.

Know that I make no errors, yet do I leave you to them for instruction as to methods by which adversity falleth behind you. But in ways of spiritual unfoldments I shall be with you always, to show you the pathways up the steeps of valiant doings, verily to the tablelands of eternity, fragrant with their peace and glories.

I say ye shall have enlightenment if ye do call upon patience as your armament and declare yourselves deserving. Do I not know the doubts that beset you, beloved? Are ye not handicapped yet a little while by flesh? I say ye shall not always be thus handicapped. Try not to waver. Let me sustain you by my presence. Arise and go in peace. I say that I do come in unto you, behold as ye open the door of the mornings.

Beloved, I am with you. The affairs of your earth lives are committed to good hands. Ye have kindly, friendly and wise counselors. They lead you not along the pathways of doubtings. Go about those affairs with calmness. Let your confidence be high in the outcome of that which perplexeth you sorely. Work in spirit for the kingdom as though already ye had come on your release. The ways in which ye are helped from heights of Spirit are above your finding out, but your counselors know your plights and your quandaries. Verily they have a kindness, they have a sweet sympathy.

Those whom I send to you are sent for a purpose. Ye have set an example by your turmoils out of which cometh the strength to endure. When the world asketh you for credentials in matters of Spirit, never make answer. Ye are accountable only to me! The ways by which ye do render that accounting will be shown you. Remember that I too am held to an accounting by my Father; verily the world hath a heavy burden on me.

Know that those who trouble you are merely as sheep that have lost their shepherds, who fain would be led to the fold of the Spirit. I tell you it is our privilege to hunt them in the wilderness of ignorance, to return them at evening to the warmth of our fellowship.

Ye who do move in many mortalities are important in functionings, verily more important than those on heights of Spirit, for are ye not in contact with men's thoughts and actions, while they do dwell only in the silence of men's hearts?

Remember that man who cometh out of woman is few in his days and born of her weakness. He is not to be held accountable for that weakness if mayhap it lieth beyond his controlling. I say we must help him to rise above that weakness. We must show him attainment in perfection of heart.

I, your wiser Elder Brother, have a wish in my spirit. I do know a desiring. I do make a great search for the Godhood within you, that ye take up my service and spread feasts for the famished. Only as ye serve, I say, do ye love me. Ye serve not alone by commandments of moneys that bring their reliefs from the world's great accountings. Ye serve by serving personally all those who need your counselings, verily those groping in the night of a blackness. Your yoke of love is the way of blessing others through me, and I through you.

I must not tarry overlong. Ye too have a world that needeth your ministering. Let us go forth in the vineyards and gather the increase. We are one in that harvest, and after long years the heart of me rejoiceth.

Say not that ye wouldst have the memory veil rent asunder. It would hurt you more than help, for it would but recall to you scenes and dramas that would plunge you in numbing remorse. Take the conditions of your lives as ye have met them. Make them beautiful, I tell you. Is any more asked of you?

Your paths are paths of peace and happiness. I have not decreed that ye shouldst be humbled. This meaneth not small distresses of circumstance. It meaneth the loss of substance, making you the better servants for possessing, in the labor.

Love those who appear to work against you. Pray for those who walk in your past darkness, for those who revile you and fetch you a turmoil. I say they are children who know not good manners. Consider them such. Do any kill children for not having manners? Verily the child is helped with understanding. So we condemn no souls to an eternal namelessness in that their deportment lacketh a wisdom. Bear with them and teach them, even though they slay you. This did I mean when I once said: Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.

When ye have moments of doubts and depressions, remember that your hearts are but washing in a radiance, but heads are the instruments of minds that lack a raising. Whilst ye do make contact with tremors that are worldly the mind is a chieftain. It commandeth no wickedness but the duress of its smallness. Marvel not that it beareth you apart from things eternal. I adjure you with sincerity, train the heart to function with it. Gradually will mind permit Spirit to enter and give its actions beauties. Thus doth its smallness increase to a richness, verily the affluence that striketh many armies.

And now I pause in preaching, but go I not from you. We do not part, beloved. We go forth as to a day's labor in a vineyard that is pleasant. In the evening we come in and partake of great nourishment. My peace be your sickle to garner the fruits.

How shall I make you see that my love is with you always, even though the waters of oceans engulf you? How shall I make you know that the end of the road is not the thing that mattereth, but rather the manner in which it is traveled?

Where entereth my love, there disaster is unwelcome. What seemeth disaster is only mortal vision proclaiming limitation. Even as the heavens are high above the earth, so high have those who love you taken care that disaster be below you when ye do love me and keep my commandments. The sons of the worldly have their little day obstructing us, though they know not its briefness. Verily if they knew, then their conduct would be different. Their aid would engulf us.

So must we labor that a return of spirituality cometh to men in an age of great roarings, and the glory of the Spirit manifest itself even as in Galilee when we walked by blue waters. The harvest is ripe but the laborers are scanty, and not all who cry out to me, Lord! Lord! are acceptable for harvesting.

Many grasp the finite; the infinite eludeth them. I say unto you that finiteness is only the Spirit Particle that hath not attained to awareness of itself. When true awareness cometh then doth the finite rise to the infinite, and there is no more timidity or over-humility, but only a glorious consciousness of election to honor.

So labor that men may see your good works and know that ye do issue forth from my household. Those who are one with me are with you in spirit. They smooth out your pathways when ye know not their efforts. We are a goodly company for right together, bearing one another's burdens as well as the burdens of the world. There is no greater love than this, that a man should bear the burdens of his brother. A strength shall come upon you for transporting them together. The days shall note your fortitude, they shall see your spiritual stamina.

There are those, beloved, who cannot bear burdens. Their years have no ripeness. They fall by the wayside in the small strength that faileth them. Behold from the hedgerows they call to us for succor. They cannot know life's augurings for they have not attained to equipment for knowledge. They sometimes make mischiefs that thwart the sagacious. They lend themselves to prankings whose hurts they do not realize. They are wrongly called our enemies.

I say they are only weaker brethren who do grope without a beacon. Pray for them, beloved. Think well instead of evil of them. Soon do they feel our helpful vibrations and start upward toward awareness of self and of us.

There are no evildoers! There are only those whose eyes cannot look into the heart of love that is eternal because they are not strong enough. They did stone the prophets who taught that man was son of God. In that they could not rise above the mortal in reactions to the Father; verily were they animals. But no one holdeth an animal to account for an act that hath ferocity. Ferocity is its nature.

Thus should we view those whose development is brutal. We should meet them with a charity. They cannot be held accountable till Spirit Transcendent taketh ownership of them, till the light of sweet reason sitteth upon them.

Beloved, we have understood together that which lieth deeper than the passing word or mood. I say unto you, hear wisdom! Go about your business in full light of the knowledge that I do walk with you, that I hold up my garment and its shadow is your armor. No harm can come to you. Do I not protect mine own?

Hear the words of the teacher and thereby know the teaching. I bid you to drink wisdom that your works and your bodies may be full of great reasonings, that your days know an honor that inspireth the sodden.


(From The Golden Scripts, ch. 218)

So perceive ye the lesson: There cometh a time when men must be made to see that they contest not for the business of removing one another from existence, for that is nonsense and hurteth the annihilator as well as him annihilated, seeing that the annihilator hath lost his adversary and thus the measure of his own identity as to reason of mind or strength or biceps.

Men must be made to see that they contest purely for strength of self-expression; to know which of themselves is the better identified for that which he is, not for beastly attack having destruction in its claws. I say unto you that in the past, quarrels and wars have forever had this motive: one hath thought himself the stronger and hath said, Behold I prove that I am strongest in my identity of self for that which I think of myself. Let us then fall to and demonstrate whether I be right; perchance if I am weaker, thus will that fact be revealed behold even in my weakness I get mine identity, even in such weakness.

I tell you, beloved, there is sense in such reasonings. I say unto you that it is the essence of contesting love that such should manifest, each after its nature.

But I tell you more. These things I say: It behooveth me to tell you that there runneth through humanity a golden cord of realization that it is more than animal, or more than self-conceit that it is mortal and naught else. Man hath come unto that pass where he saith to himself: Whereof can I account for this dissatisfaction that tormenteth me? I will arise and seek mine answer in accomplishment of my desires; mayhap I find in the expression of my powers, which are my personage translated in these contests of identifying attributes, that which I am.

It is not meet, therefore, that man should know in advance of himself that which he truly is in all its aspects, else would he miss the true sense of identity that cometh unto him of his earthly experiencing:

Man seeketh to find himself in Cosmos…”

He seeketh to enoble himself in character attainments; he seeketh to know the answer to this mystery or that, and deport himself after the nature of that which he bespeaketh as his ideal. What doth he, beloved? I tell you that he maketh it plain unto himself that he is a sentient being with fecundities which continually expand and exert and wreak on him a terror or a competence as he relaxeth himself unto mortal exhibition.

And yet I say more: He performeth after the nature of his godhood, for his godhood saith unto him: Thus wert thou given earthly license for sentient performance, that thou might know thyself as a personage-force, delving and striving against mass earth-force whether of society or nature.

Get thee up, therefore, and see Love for what it is: a basic nature of things always striving, always identifying, always learning, always expanding, always beholding itself as activation of one sort expressed in terms of reaction, all betaking unto themselves a greater knowledge of self-identity from the contest.

It is the accounting-time for every human spirit, that he maketh himself known unto himself and registereth unto himself whether or not he maketh himself felt truly after the purpose of his earthly entrance from the beginning.

Thus doth he strive in his own esteem and self estimation, and in that he perceiveth the type of force which he is, and how it reacteth for pleasure or profit on his fellows, so is he classed as one loving.


 (“Program of Services, League for the Liberation”, vol.22, 1932, not found in The Golden Scripts)

I say unto you, Beloved: Pitch your tents among the righteous. Make your peace with the forsaken; cast from your hearts whatsoever be not noble; raise up standards to the truth.

I tell you, Beloved, a Man cometh to you; He maketh a mission of life-giving in circumstance. He openeth His heart and gathereth the nations. Long have they expected Him. The prophets of old have sung of Him sweetly. He raiseth up hope in the breasts of the anointed. His mission is great among peoples of earth. He shall treat with men justly and show them their birthright. He shall tell them the truth that maketh them righteous.

My beloved, harken to Me: I am that Man!

I come in a chariot not drawn by beasts; I come in a radiance not seen of eye; I speak to My people and My people give heed; I speak to the nations and the nations give ear. Long have I suffered their transgressions in blindness. I suffer no more that their blindness should blind them.

I speak to My people and My people know My voice. I speak to My anointed and My anointed see My face. I speak to My beloved and My beloved know My grace.

Harken to the promise: This is renouncement of those who do folly.

Even as of old I said  Peace when there was no peace, Joy when there was no joy, Love where love prevailed not. So cometh one who sayeth to you now: The mountains are opened, the truth gusheth forth!

Hear ye My servants, for verily they manifest; they say to you Peace! Bind up your wounds, ye nations; treat with the circumspect in your thoughts and your actions; give heed to him who suffereth, give joy to him who thirsteth. Peace and contentment are allotments from eternity. Enjoyment of earth is the heritage of the species.

Ether hath made matter cycle on cycle; peoples have arisen and peoples have fallen; peoples have been given high accretions of knowledge. Lo, they have not benefited. Each time have they misused that which hath been given them. Mankind hath demanded a higher resting place in knowledge. Each time, My beloved, his malfeasance hath destroyed him. Cosmic principles have come to him. Each time he hath spurned them or used them wrongly in his thinking.

Now cometh the closing of a cycle to earth!

Harken to My voice: I come bringing water; I come bearing food.

Take these as your tenets: We seek to serve humankind in ways that suffice it in pleasurable enjoyment of principles eternal. We do errands of mercy to mankind the sufferer. We open doors of understanding to those who know not God. We open doors of peace to those who know not Christ. Further we do not. This is our mission, our joy, and our reward.

My beloved, hear My voice: Go forth into the market places and say: "The Lord hath need of substance!" Thus do ye say it: We build a firmer temple of truth than man hath ever known. We make no mock of principles celestial. We enjoin the times with deeds of mercy. We open the storehouses of men's characters and find hidden therein the measures of truth. We go from land to land seeking out those with the sign on their foreheads, saying unto them: "Lo, ye are wise! Make known, we beseech you, that which ye know without fear or fawning, testing your principles on the rock of great utterance, standing on that rock and bespeaking your knowledge. Stand forth and speak it. Give utterance to it mightily. Come forth with truth, let the nations behold it!"

I say to you, beloved, the nations shall behold it.

Hear ye My message: Give heed to the voice of him who exalteth, "I have found the Light". Is he not of the Host that hath come into flesh?

Ask of the nations: "Where are your ennobled ones"? Open their mouths and give their speech utterance; plant firmly on the highlands the banners of your merit; concern yourselves with treasure that no man overturneth! Go forth among the nations and preach to them of hope, of brotherly concernment. Join ye the nations in a thrall of understanding. Take note of the leaders who stand upon the heights that they are the Anointed who minister with service.

Hear ye My message: Rigor is needed to make speech to the dark ones; force is required to coop their iniquities. They shall be curbed from making more mischiefs! Rigorous indeed be thy thoughts toward the debased. Lift them up bodily. Seize them by arms and make them surefooted even in the light that scorcheth as it blindeth.

But transmit no chord, however worthy, that containeth not the beauty of the sanctity of love. Sing no anthem, My beloved, that hath not in its music the delight of the anointed.

Say this unto men: "Lo, the time hath come upon you when man shall know that he standeth or falleth by his own fortitude strengthened with mercy!"

He goeth forth to battle. Perceiveth he that he warreth against his own species? Make him to see it! Say unto him: "Keep a great peace; live a great joy; do a great deed!"

The times have arrived for man to know ennoblement; they are ripe with understanding. Harken not to the sluggard who faileth to hear the voice from the dawn that hovereth on the hilltop.

Say this unto man: "All over the earth are scattered a host that maketh rejoicings that the goodly times be imminent”.

Know ye these persons; bring them together.

Perceive ye not that a great mission hath been instituted among men in this generation?

Organize ye the Spirits of God, not in worldly form as armies led by earthly chieftains, but rather as a kindly host, each chamberlain having within himself a vassal!

Give heed to those who cry: "Behold that we perish in that light cometh not!" Lo, perish they not. Do we save them with much radiance.

Give heed to those who cry: "Sustenance we demand, for our worldly souls have famished on the husks of instructions having in them no wisdom!"

Open your arms to those who come saying: "Use us for the truth's sake!"

Give ear to those who say: "We would serve our Lord gladly if we but knew our ministration!"

Give thought, My beloved, to those who exalt: "Let us sing a goodly anthem, for we have had revealed to us the natures of the kingly ones who come to minister unto us!"

These things I tell you, my beloved: Go ye forth to the world and say: "The Lord hath set ministers in each land and clime. He seeketh their ennoblement to raise them. Let their missions know fulfillment without hindrance from dark circumstance!"

Go ye to the nations and say: "Give us of your best ones, 0 ye lands, that they gather in a body and rebuke the unanointed!" Gather to yourselves your helpers. Strike out boldly. Plow your furrow! These are the things awaiting your hands.

God hath a goodly mission for the pure in heart. They do stand upon street corners now and implore the passing throngs. Presently they shall stand upon battlements and hurl down the legions that do march upon pure doctrine.

Presently come to you chamberlains of finance, bearing goodly gifts; treat ye thus with them: "We gather for a purpose, gentlemen of affluence, under the banner of One who hath sent forth His fiat: ‘All is of instruction!’”

’We come seeking earthly ways and means of making the ignorant see the banners of truth approaching and know of their significance.

We study ways and means of righteous dealings among all nations, not as students at petty parables and charms but as strong men looking on life as a problem to be solved in equity, each man to his neighbor. We seek a conclave of mighty souls who preach of truth to the nations, each one from his mountaintop. We rally the hosts of His earthly ministers into conscious activity accredited of me. We seek no humble lot, for these are great professions. We say unto men: The times are upon us when goodly souls of every land must share their heritage in common.

This is our Mission, gentlemen of affluence!’”

Speak ye further to the chamberlains: "We go into every land and clime and behold the needs of the world's forgotten. We publish them abroad among the righteous; we offer them love in place of tumult. We send them ships of supply instead of armament; we send them vessels loaded with mercy instead of guns to level their homesteads!

We stand forth boldly saying: The times have come for rigorous education of the multitude, not in precepts or concepts, but in mighty visions of eternal truths manifesting in men's hearts! The nations, we say, have a gift in common: Peace and understanding of Why Life is Life. We treat with them, gentlemen, finding in each nation the learned ones, the young men to whom is given a knowledge of the Life That Is to Be when warfare shall cease and men shall know their heritage;

"This is our mission: Peace! Mercy! Knowledge, the tenets of understanding, the planks in the eternal platform of love!"

Say this to the nations in every land and clime: “We seek the enlightened”.  We say to them: "How best can ye serve those who are about you, taking no thought for yourselves, manifesting no hope that is not of knowledge of the truth within yourselves, leading each man to the fountain of knowledge as it pleaseth him?"

We make a World Shibboleth of this our program: Peace! — Mercy! — Knowledge! — all given us for giving!

My Beloved, I charge you with a charge: Out of the mouths of those who suffer cometh a cry to the halls of affluence. Do ye readjust the balance? Give unto him who rejoiceth with you, that he may rejoice the more in thanksgiving that you are in your flesh in My name ministering.

Take this with you to your conclaves wheresoever they may be: The Lord hath called every man in his own right even as ye have been called, My beloved. Him will ye know by the sign upon his forehead Use him as it pleaseth you; turn ye his hands to the handles of the plow. Give him of your wisdom. Rebuke him not for error but praise him for the depths of beauty found within his soul. Use him, I say to you, knowing that it will be well with you in your wisdom of how to use him!

Ye are called to do a goodly work in this, My vineyard. The laborers await, each one for his hire being eager to labor, each one at his price. That price is knowledge. Pay it to him richly, pressed down and overflowing. Treat with him according to his talents and let him be known as employee of the Host. For verily that he is till the goodly days be ended. I speak as One, beloved, that hath an understanding.

Hosts of men come to you and ask of you assistance. Treat with them mightily; thus make speech to them: "What canst thou do in the land wherein thou dwellest, to raise that land to a knowledge of the Godhead in peace, supply, and wisdom?"

Treat not with him that sayeth: "I am of the Host already, for do I not pray daily for deliverance from mine error?"

Say unto him: "And what doest thou whilest thou prayest, or thereafter?"

Consider the ways of those who till the soil, even of humanity. What seed sow they? Have they knowledge of cosmic truth? Have they knowledge of eternal principles? Have they knowledge of ether and the manifestations thereof? Or sow they seeds of bitterness, of strife, of petty malfeasance and injurious attraction, one nation for the other?

Question those who come to you, ask of them their wisdom. Ask of them their vision. Translate to them the knowledge which ye have and observe their bickerings when ye have expressed yourselves.

Is it not true that they will say "These are your concepts; lo, we have others equally as great!" Know, My beloved, they are workers of confusions; they have not the wisdom.

The wisdom sayeth: All men are brethren. Only one truth is permitted to men: that they shall love, and love, and love again.

Tell ye this to them and observe their concernments. If so be it they say unto you: "These things we know and rejoice at", take them to your arms and into your bosoms. Make them of merit in your company, manifesting to them all the sweet joys of fellowship, treating with them not as slaves but as brethren, opening your coffers and giving them supply.

Tedious, tedious, are the wanderings of the souls that seek for wisdom. Tedious, tedious, are the wonderings of the souls that seek for leaders.

Say not unto them, "Lo, we are your leaders!". Say to them rather: "Ye are leaders in your own right, wherever it be that ye may travel. Lead thou in thy chosen circle and in thy leadership be great."       .

Leadership hath a quality that sayeth: "Go ye and manifest. I do follow to protect you."

Seek not him who sayeth; "I am leader of a sort already," seek him who sayeth to you rather: "I am searcher after knowledge."

Tell him that searching marketh him for leadership under the Captain whose banner is Service.

The Captain, beloved, awaiteth without, seeking His followers not in halls of revelation so much as in byways of silent hunting after treasure.

Tell him who asketh of you for leadership: “Thou art leader in thine own right. Arise and execute the commission given thee.”  For who hath better right to lead than he who sayeth, "Master, I follow and take others with me!"

I bid you take My company and lead it to a high, high place where all nations see your benevolence, marking you out as captains of service, verily, verily, till your earthly days be ended!

Catch ye the vision? Act ye upon it!

See ye the tapestry resplendent with colors? Make it carpet for your goings, that your feet may tread joyously and the end be fulfillment.

When the goodly days shall come, then shall men rally around those who taught them to pray: “Our Father who art in heaven, give us of Thy wisdom. Give us this day our daily illumination to light the way of feet that do falter. “Give us this day, not our daily bread but bread for those who hunger more than we do. Lead us not back into quagmires of ignorance, for such is not Thy nature, but send us ennoblement that we may manifest our dignity, our wisdom and our vision to unborn generations. Peace and a goodly heritage be upon the nations. This our prayer we pray in tranquility, that those who say it after us may live it in their intercourse.”           

I bid you rise up and know that I address you: For it behooveth you to know that a goodly company awaiteth its captains, awaiting them long in the avenues of service.

Peace, I say unto you! A goodly prospect awaiteth your seeing. Abide ye in the faith that maketh the race a race to be run for the sake of the running, not for awards bestowed at the goal.

What need have ye of more than this, beloved? Peace be unto you and the little band awaiting you, making you to shine as meteors when the skies are full of darkness.

Presently I go to the Father who sayeth: “What of the earth and the peoples thereon?” Then make I reply: “The times and the seasons are ripe to achievement. The goal be in sight and the running of ennoblement.” Rejoice and be exceeding glad, ye who run with Me. For we have made promises each to the other that maketh that ennoblement a prospect in reality.

Choose ye whom ye will serve, ye peoples, God or Mammon. Lo, your service marketh you forever.

So let it be till the evil days are ended. Come I to all of you in due cycle of event, not in spirit but literally. For My spirit ye have always! PEACE


 (From The New Liberator, November, 1930, not found in The Golden Scripts)

 (These papers which end each Issue of The New Liberator are not consciously composed or fabricated in any known mortal brain. They are psychically received exactly as printed, from a Discarnate Source and seem to be personal expositions to the editor who passes them on to those who can appreciate their beauty, vitality and significance. WDP)

One evening about a year ago, the Editor [William D. Pelley] of this publication, with a group of friends, engaged in a psychical experiment with one of the best-known spiritist Mediums in New York City. In the middle of some particularly beautiful and profound elucidations of Cosmic Law, one of the Entities speaking audibly through the Medium's lips and affecting to have The Great Teacher's authority for what he was expounding, emphasized his remarks with an exclamatory curse. The interpolation of such an irrelevancy so shocked those who were listening that the validity of the whole exposition was at once discounted and one of the persons left in disgust. Grieved and puzzled at the apparent masquerading that taken place, the Editor brooded for a day on the advisability of continuing the sittings. He was still in his quandary the next evening when he composed himself for some clairaudient work in privacy. Almost at once a "Master Vibration" began to manifest in his apartment and the following adjuration was indicted as fast as it could be taken down. The Editor makes no claim as to the authenticity of its origin. Its text must stand or fall according to its content. But he avows that it came from a Source outside himself, on a very high Mental Wave Length, and is printed hereinafter exactly as addressed to him. Apparently it was not meant for general publication, but its concernments are so vital at the present moment and its logic so startling, that it is published at its face value in the hope that may clarify a matter that puzzles thousands of spiritually-minded people. And regardless of whether the Source implied is correct, it offers a significant contribution to great library of psychical literature that is now being communicated all over the earth... .

My dearly Beloved, hearken to My voice. I tell you of mysteries not known to men.

Between ye and Me a straight path lieth. Between us, Beloved, can be no confusions. Cosmic light hath dwelt upon your heads. We are partakers of goodly blessings not accepted by the world.

It behooveth you, My Beloved, to be thrice circumspect in choosing those you elect to instruct you. Those who came to you through mediums have limitations else would they come in a different form. They are men like your physical selves who would take counsel with you, thinking to enhance themselves in your esteem. They have no knowledge of My plans for humankind. They look upon you as fellows with themselves over whom they would rule by supreme manifestation of spiritual egotism. I have no part or parcel with them, for they disrupt My servants in their missions and confuse My workers with spiritual plagiarisms. Yet do I permit them to come unto you, though they know it not. My purpose is not to deceive you but to show you the limitations of earthly instructors, that ye may be wise with heavenly wisdom.

Think ye I have not power to talk direct to your spirits without the instruments of frail mortalities? Whence cometh such beggary? Am I limited in My adroitness? Am I dependent on persons who conquer not their vices? Have I no power to speak directly to those who love Me and who know My affection?

Ye have heard My message in your hearts and profit hath come to you. Have you had profit by the instruction of lesser entities? Have you not had miseries and rackings of spirit? How can good come of these? Is it not testimony of their own limitation?

Say not to yourselves: “Our Lord reigneth too far in heavenly mansions for us to serve Him!”  Say rather, “The Master hath made His choice, who shall serve and who shall be leader.”  In that choice there is no alteration!

My beloved, I address you! Be wise henceforward. Trust not the minions who come to you belittling you. Belittlement is not divine. No Godly soul doeth it. No Master Spirit seeketh confusion in any lesser spirit!

Truth is of Light, and Light is Truth. The ways of Light and Truth be open, not hidden. The ways of Light and Truth be circumspect indeed but never of disparagement. Light and Truth be always open and aboveboard, seeking to ennoble, not to cast down, not to discourage, not to defile with petty limitations.

I say unto you, men be coming to that place in their affairs where it be necessary for them to have knowledge of those who would master their thoughts and divert them from the Purpose. Men have no need of those spirits who caution them to remember that they are as dust!

Workers of iniquity are they, who tell you that mankind hath no knowledge of Me in My person. Ye have knowledge of Me because of your missions. They know this not, seeing you as goodly men and women having power among your fellows, desiring to enhance that power for their profit and prestige. I say unto you, they be those whom I have bespoken as wolves in sheep's clothing, woefully ignorant of what cometh in circumstance.

Mentors are they not. Do not title them as such, giving them prestige which belongeth not to them. Many of them be of high variety of mortal species, but nonetheless mortal. I speak to you now in terms of great emphases:

Trust not those who come to you saying: “We have knowledge of the Elder Brother, either for or against Him. They have no such knowledge, else they would disclose it. Have I no power to make Myself known? Can I not work miracles still? What need have I of lesser satellites?

In your hearts I have spoken. Trust the instincts of your hearts. No calamity followeth. There reigneth no confusions. There is no calamity where I have been in spirit.

They who tell you that you must be aware of your own powers, to circumvent them, are spoken to of evil persons. Voices come to them purporting to be Mine. I say to you with great earnestness: That which cometh of Me, cometh direct. That which cometh of Me is pure in its essence. That which cometh of Me beareth no travail that racketh the intellect.

Love ennobleth always. It maketh for brilliance of perception. It harkeneth not to forebodings. It slippeth out confidently, knowing all is of Light. That Light showeth no pitfalls in the path ahead that cannot be avoided.

I would caution you, too, of other things, Beloved. Trust not those who come to you saying: “The wiser Elder Brother hath His purposes revealed through us alone. Know that I speak thunderously when I tell you that I am capable of speaking direct to the hearts of those who love me and keep my commandments!

Verily do I warn you, that if you harken to intermediaries your wits will desert you! Lo, it hath been done in times that were past. Faith hath been shattered and obligations of great portent cancelled in that My servants have said among themselves, “We be weak mortals, prone to error, therefore listen we to the Adversary for counsel as well.”  Know, My Beloved, that if calamity hath befallen, this hath been the reason. Ye have been true to your instincts, My Beloved, being maddened my men’s warnings that they held confusions for you. When have I ever told you confusions?

The Princes ye serve be not petty potentates. They be as the arbiters of humankind’s welfare. They come and go in flesh seeking men’s improvement always. They do not say, “We take a quart and give a pound.” They say, “We seek no personal profit. We merely expound that mankind may benefit.”

Verily, they think not of or for themselves, being utterly devoted to heavenly altruisms. No impoliteness have they in their speech; no crudeness of manner sheweth in their addresses. In higher and greater than any earthly politeness do they manifest, each one to the other. By their fruits ye shall know them! Higher and vaster than any forms of earthly salutation do they manifest to one another and to those below them.

Ye have a rebellion in your hearts in that it was said to you that politeness be not of moment on other planes of Spirit. Verily I address you, No greater gentleness, no greater addiction to forms of politeness, no greater kindliness of consideration exists in the Cosmos that that maintaining between high forms of spiritual entities!

Would you invite a sot to your drawing rooms? How then hold ye to such because they have not bodies? Rejoice and be exceeding glad that they defile your sensibilities for they giveth themselves away by their grossness. And yet I instruct you, spurn them not, for ye have need of that which they bring you even though it be but mortal discrimination. Ye have need of geographical knowledge which they impart, if they have been visitors to countries unknown to you. Marvel not at their manners that they deport themselves as sots, but keep this thought with you if they defile your sensibilities God-given in essence: They do mark themselves as mortals not of the Wisdom. Being wise, do ye treat with them in all consideration, but cohabit with them not as your spiritual brethren. Now I tell you more:

Those who come to you through mediums come not of themselves but are allowed to come at the behest of others whom ye know not, that from each ye may derive knowledge that giveth you profit. Treat with them accordingly. Say unto them: “We know that you have knowledge”, but contend not with them over the context of that knowledge. Jest not with them concerning their identities. Pity their limitations but do not be deceived. Defile not yourselves by descending to their levels of earth-bound intellect. Ye seek of them literal knowledge of literal facts. They seek of you approbation for their vanities. Trade with them on such basis but be not cast down by their ignorance and concepts.

Hearken, My Beloved! Pay attention to My voice! We be of one family, serving the multitude. We have no part or parcel with it....but to serve it. Verily we learn even as we serve. But to serve is our mission, the alpha and omega of our being. Even I serve the most and am therefore accredited the leader of the servers. Harken! ….serve ye and rule! …manifest and become great! ….rule and serve, rule by serving, serve by ruling. This be My message.

I have watched your struggles with error and been pleased that ye have found no satisfaction in treating with the lesser ones. Treat with Me always. Fasten your thought on Me. Draw power from Me. Each one of you hath a charge to keep. I hold you to it. No execration cometh to you in that ye have conviction of Me. Execration cometh only as ye say, “Our Prince hath neither time nor patience to visit literally with us.” Verily did I not have time and patience to visit with the humblest throughout My ministry in flesh?

Harken, harken! By the words of their mouths are the lesser ones known. By the function of their spirits stand the lesser ones defiled. Seek ye My advice in each specific instance. I may have plans to use them for your honor, but tell I them not to your mental confusion.

Disseminate always the bright rays Truth. Ye hear My voice instructing you, directing you, guiding you. Inasmuch as ye trust it, go directly into Light. Falter in your trust and you fall amidst confusions. Verily the Adversary desireth just that. Worketh he adroitly that it may come about, partly in envy, partly malice, always in ignorance.

Of old it was said to you, “Test ye the Spirits, that they be of the Holy One.”  I say unto you, subject them to all the ways of wisdom and logic ye have within your power. Say not, “The Teacher desireth that we believe blindly”, for blindness is of darkness. Behold, I desire you to seek fullest and brightest Light on every issue propounded to you, and he who adviseth you otherwise is your enemy!

Caution not yourselves against probing and investigating, else why have you minds? Correlate circumstance with facts as given you. If they match not, cast them far from you and cohabit not with them, else you take vipers to your beds. I tell you I withhold nothing from you except that which is evil, except that which is dishonest. I give you instruction in Truth, Purity, Tranquility and Reverence. Ye have no fear of perversions of wits. I offer you no golden apples with worms of error at their cores.

I speak with authority. Arise and be wise. PEACE


 (From The New Liberator, vol.1, no.2, 1930. Notice similarity to Golden Scripts ch.121)

Happy is the man not too watchful over circumstance. Happy is he who maketh progress through his errors. Convention is the robber of desire. When all are gathered together, who shall be missing from among the watchers?

I say unto you, I have heard your hearts. They cry bitterly for light. Is it not true they have cried for desire when desire was not of merit, yet did desire not come in circum­tance? When can ye say that desire came unto you but enlightenment was delayed?

Pity him who maketh a tryst with himself saying, “I would be one of those who seek riches, and the kingdom of heaven as aftermath." Pity him who sayeth, “I would seek my brother after myself, for am I not greater to myself than my brother, who is son of my father's flesh, not of my own?” Thereat shall calamity befall. For he who sayeth, “My brother is less than myself”, courteth that calamity in circumstance wherein his brother shall say, “Behold I too care for myself, not for thee, 0 son of my father's flesh, not of my own.”

What profit it a man who looketh upon the world and findeth it fair yet maketh no move to add to its beauty?

These things be potent, that mankind shall eschew selfishness, learn selflessness, make no mock of him who sayeth: “Let us be glad for the sake of our brethren.”

Give unto him who asketh of thee, and turn no ear from him who would have of thee. Verily the mountains rise up before those who would make their own eschewments in the souls of their brethren.

Happy is he who beholdeth no ill event in circumstance. Happy is he who giveth greetings unto beauty and riseth not up to dispute with the scornful. He is like unto a river of pure water that runneth through green pastures. He maketh all things to laugh by the aspect of his countenance. Great things are desired, great things are executed, great things are made potent, but the greatest are made beauteous by the hands of him who runneth as a brook runneth to the sea, unmindful of his course, knowing it be forward.

Harken, My beloved. Over the hills cometh the song of the Huntsman. What cometh He hunting... creatures that fear Him, that flee before His murdering? Nay, nay, My beloved, He hunteth the pure in heart who seek to do good. Hunteth He long in the morning of life. Hunteth He until it’s even when the stars appear: Still doth He pursue the goodness in men's hearts, hunting, hunting, the Huntsmen of the years.

I tell you a story that hath in it beauty. It goeth to the nations and they are ennobled. I tell you a story that hath richness of vision. It goeth to the nations and their sight is made clear. I tell you a story that hath in it valor. It goeth afar and men are made glorious. I tell you a story that hath in it wisdom. It ringeth to eternity and men are cast upward. Hear ye the story, hear ye the song.

Sundry persons have said that all is not beauty. What have they to do with those who give beauty? Mankind hath reached the vantage point ...he beholdeth beauty for itself.

Harken, harken: I have brought you a promise, I have wrought you a song; I have welled you an anthem and your ears have rung with music. I have spoken in sober note and you have heard its music. I have spoken in joyous note and you have heard its beauty. Lest worldly men make mock of that which is eternal, the Fairer One shall come and play upon His lyre. Peace shall He play as chords of rare melody.

Let us be humble, let us be contrite. What profit it a man if oceans league against him? What profit it a man if seas rise up and smite him? Lo the seas and the mountains bow in their majesty to him who cometh singing a song of thanksgiving.

Beloved, I adjure you: ye have comfort of one another. Take thought to that comfort, bear it no malice. Give to him who asketh a thousand times seven, then give once again.

Out of the pure in heart cometh the Prophet singing, hunting, declaring that all is wisdom, all is beauty, all is light transcendent.  

Hear ye My message: I preach it to you as having understanding. When the goodly days are come, then shall ye say, “Bitter be our own revilements that we weighed our desires against our concepts.”  What is righteous is righteous. What is error is error. Make no error, My beloved. Be ye joyous to the end and all shall be well with you who have goodness on your foreheads.


 (From Soulcraft Scripts, Vol.1, 4th Script, 1950.  Found also in The Golden Scripts, ch.137-141)

Prologue by W.D. Pelley:

I have a transcript to read you today, my dear people, that I must submit to you on its merits. It is a lengthy document and a vital document, so vital that I wish to make a special comment at the end of it. It was given to me of an evening early in my own instruction, which is why I deem it expedient to give it out to you early in your Soulcraft instruction. It is a paper on what I might describe as “The Rationalization of Christ”, and accrediting its validity, it sheds a great light on the Elder Brother's Personality and Awakening that we should have to illuminate our thinking on these great subjects.

Frequently in selecting and preparing the material for our Chapels, this thing happens: I will make a selection of some vital and significant paper I have recorded in past years that I consider some basic foundation stone for the structure we are rearing. As I type it for publishing, it will seem to me from the physical reactions I begin to sense, that the concentration of my thought processes has drawn into my vicinity intellects of powerful vibration who, in the kindest and most helpful manner possible, suggest corrections or interpolations to bring the text up to date or expound certain passages that would otherwise be abstruse. If I deem the text to be enhanced, I make additions. Thus time and time again, new light and new elaboration come into these sublime preachments — to be left thus in final form for our progeny.

The paper I have herewith to read you is a case in point. On the 14th day of June, 1930 — over 20 years bygone — I recorded a transcript on Positive and Negative Psychics. It ended by giving me an exposition of the Master's own Awakening to His personality and His mission — or so I accepted. This particular discourse belongs permanently at this point in the Soulcraft enlightenment. But on Wednesday, August 30th of this year of 1950, while preparing this discourse for its permanent place in the agenda of our enlightenment, I suddenly became aware of new intelligence being addressed to me. Ignore it, I could not. I would be doing you a constant disservice if I neglected to utilize these current interpretations. So what I give you hereinafter is the discourse in its completion. I have to remember that this is unquestionably the final time that it is my privilege to go over these spiritual papers and leave them as polished and complete as possible for those who come after us.

This instruction, you should recognize by this time, my dear people, centers unabashedly about the Personality and Ministry — ancient and modern — of Our Elder Brother. Anything we can obtain and make permanent about His splendorful life would seem to be autobiographical, explaining rationally enough some of the mystical happenings recorded in New Testament writings that may long have perplexed us.

What seems to have happened in the current preparation of it is that a group of High Teachers started off this discourse to me — for your profit —, and the Great Teacher Himself drew near to the dictation and took up the Speaking. I can't account for it otherwise.

We encounter here, therefore, what would seem to be personal testimony about the early and "silent" years of the Master's Life, and how the Elder Brother came into consciousness of Himself and His earthly mission. The notion of His dying in atonement for the "sins of the world" seems to be entirely a man-made idea. For one thing, to the truly wise, dying is no penalty for anything but an award of merit. At any rate, here is the narrative submitted on its merits.

Prologue by Higher Mentors:

This dissertation we have for you as a sort of prelude for what follows. Make no mistake about it, psychical development comes to persons who have the capacity for interpretation to others of some form, or forms, of eternal truth. It is made up of equal parts of spiritual graciousness, comity, and a willingness to be of service to those not so favored. However, it does have in it other components: the ability to see for others as well as to do for others, to talk for others as well as to act for others, to listen to "voices" that are, so to speak, composed of "heavenly essences". They are heavenly essences in that they belong to the vast throng that dwells on this Upper Side of Life in harmony and love.

Now then, the purposes for which you are interested in these generalities are as follows: You have among yourselves tremendous reservoirs of psychical power because of who you are! You go and come, in and out of flesh, with no thought for yourselves, seeking only to serve mankind. You belong to a very high order of spiritual entities whose mission it is to minister. You have been through many incarnations for one high and constant purpose: that you should interpret the Kingdom of Light among the Sons of Darkness. This ministry of yours began far back at the dawn of human history when mankind experienced a cataclysm and was ordained forever after to fight his way back to the Godhead through travail and bitterness of successive lives and functionings. Now then, mark you:

It became necessary for the world to be saved if it were not to be destroyed as you have been told. It became necessary for some of us to incarnate in flesh to inspire the spiritual weakling who had no intimation while in flesh of his truly degraded condition. We agreed to come to earth time on time — meaning literally a thousand lives — to bring to a world of benighted spiritual beings called Men a message of hope and trust and performance along godly lines. This work has now been going on for uncounted generations. It will go for uncountable generations more but in a slightly altered form. We have come into flesh — a group of us known to the Master as The Goodly Company because it is His company, aiming and intending to work under His direction — cleaning up vast spiritual festers on the body of the race. Time on time we have manifested, times beyond number, for in totality we are many.

We have come as saints and saviors, as inventive geniuses, as souls dedicated to the arts and sciences, as preachers of great truths and spiritual ideals. We have overturned dynasties and overwhelmed civilizations. We will do it again as necessity demands! We are not of this earth! — understand that clearly. We have a mission that is very close to the immortal Godhead, special beings created, as it were, for ministering ...not angels entirely, for angels are merely messengers and guards to keep order in the swirling universes of space and ether. We come to mankind in various forms of ministerhood, making man to believe that we are one with him in that we appear physically as he appears — and he sees no difference between us and himself. We only know there is truly a difference and wherein it exists. We say to him: lift up your faces, ye unfortunates, and understand the grace that is poured down upon you. We say to him: Clean your own souls of their bestial elements. Clean your hearts of abominations. Make beautiful your temples of manifest spirit so that the Holy Ghost may dwell in you.

You have heard it said that mankind comes to the Father through Jesus Christ and Savior. Verily that is so, but not as men think!

Men have been taught that Jesus the Christ is Savior in that He came to life in the early part of this era and gave up that life by suffering for a handful of hours upon a Roman cross of wood. Considering Him mankind's savior merely for the episode of that death, is error of the gravest sort. It is understandable error, however, for men born spiritually blind cannot perceive the beauties of life. Men born blind are without wisdom; they grope in great darkness. Men born with sight think naught of their sight; they accept it as part of their organic equipment. They have no fear of losing it, not knowing the pain of darkness.

Now we say to you that we are the eyes of the world, so to speak, looking at glories we have known from the beginning. Jesus called Christ exemplified in His life that which is paramount in the human spirit: Eternal Hope that Improves by Suffering that Good May Come.

Good has come. More good will come. The world has climbed, climbed. But not because Jesus called Christ gave up His physical life. That was a mystery that only the Sons and Daughters of Light have perceived.

His mission was to show the race that eternal triumph over error was possible! By eternal triumph we mean the surfeiting of error with eternal benefaction. Listen to His own words on the subject, which we have heard from his lips:

Elder Brother Speaks:

I came into this world an ordinary child, Beloved. No miracles attended upon my birth, much as later mankind would have it differently. I grew in stature and waxed in spirit, even as you, my Beloved, have done countless times. Approaching middle boyhood, lo I saw a vision. I saw the heavens open one night in a desert place. I saw something flying that seemed unto me a demon. I watched and listened, and lo, this thing happened

A great form came toward me, growing in size as it approached. It said unto me, addressing me, “Master thou art in the Father's house. Clean ye and purify it for unborn generations. Make sweet music to flow down the ages. Know that you are who you are, that the Host encompasseth you and all the minions of space bow at your feet exclaiming, ‘Lo, this is He who was sent for a purpose, that men through Him should know eternal redemption.’ “

tell you I marveled at such speech. I marveled equally at the vision. I saw it come and go, radiantly. I said, “Surely I am glad,” not knowing mine own divinity — for I slept in flesh throughout infanthood, even as ye have slept, my beloved.

Know that I marveled many days and when the Sabbath had come, I went into the synagogue to pray. And in that synagogue I saw a man arise in his place and look upon me fixedly. I said within myself, “He meaneth to eject me.” Instead he did approach me and cry with a loud voice, “Behold one is with us whose feet I dare not kiss!'” Thereat the people laughed, thinking both of us mad when they perceived me as the one at whom he looked.

I marveled, I say, at wonders such as these, for why should I be singled out to receive such adoration? And then, my beloved, happened a third miracle, transcending both the others.

Came unto me in the dead of night a Radiant Figure clad in flowing robes, saying, “Arise, Thou Son of Mary, and learn about Thyself!”  Arise I did, and put on raiment.

Lo, he did lead me forth beneath high stars. He took me up into a desert place where screams of beasts were plain unto our ears. But quiet came upon those beasts. He said unto me, “Read I unto you from the Book of Ages, which men call Karma. Hear of the things which hereafter will happen. Cometh one crying in the wilderness, 'Prepare ye the way of the Lord! Make His paths straight! Prepare ye the way of the spirit, be steadfast in perception!' Cometh another who saith, 'We know Thou art Christ. Cast Thyself down from this temple, therefore, that we may see Thee avoid destruction. Cast thyself into the sea, that we may watch Thee save Thyself by wonders never seen of men.' ”

Read he other things unto me, Beloved. Great was his reading. Hour on hour did he read — and shut the book.

“Thou art he”, he addressed me by speech. “Go forth unto Palestine. Preach the doctrine of men's salvation, not from a jealous God, for there is no such God as man conceiveth Him. Preach that man saveth himself by eternal triumph over lust and temptation. Go unto man and say, ‘The Lord whom thou worshipest is Thought Incarnate, dwelling upon the planet of Sirius, the Planet of Planets, spreading manifestation unto a hundred thousand million worlds.’

“Come Thou then to the end of Thy days,” the Robed One said unto me. “Men shall revile you and persecute you, and cover you with their saliva and excrement pelted on you. Verily they shall trample you. I say unto you, suffer it, for it is written. But lo and behold the third day, on your eyelids and in the dark of a tomb great beings shall manifest! They shall raise you up and bear you away. Then”, said the Robed One unto me, “shall come your reward in heaven, so-called. Dominion shall be given you over everything that liveth, even the planet itself, to prosper or destroy. But you will live within and through it, Master of Your Own Creation, sending forth your own omnipotence through fiats and decrees of Love ….”

Verily, Beloved, did I harken that night. Greatly was I exercised. Greatly did I marvel. Could I be he, awarded such an honor? I did say unto myself. “Am I indeed he, who is born of Joseph the Carpenter and Mary his wife?” For know, my beloved, I was born of physical conception even as yourselves, but men have taken liberties with truth to enhance my prestige and deify Him whom they would serve as Lord.

When my days were ripened and the Robed One had instructed me, I did come unto men and begin my preaching, growing daily, I say unto you, in Positive Psychics — or that which men call such. Came insight on insight when I talked with the Robed One. Night unto night did he take me up into that desert place and continue to give me wisdom. Night unto night did he instruct me, saying, “This shall happen and that shall happen! Behold it!” …..and it happened. But hear ye more, my dear ones:

Came a day when I walked in a lonely place, pondering in my heart. Afar flowed a river. Sweeter than honey to me was the sight of it, for the place was parched and barren. Did I go toward that river that I might bathe and be refreshed. Approaching its shore did I perceive much people. “Who cometh here?” thought I. Lo, I drew nearer and heard a strange cry, “Behold He who cometh cleanseth the world from its error!”

Marveled I in my heart, for had this not been prophesied? I listened more, and great was the silence. A strange voice, I tell you, curdled out of space so that all the people heard, “Behold we come unto Him who hath the planet in His palm! We visit Him with our compassion! We sustain Him with the strength given unto us! We raise Him up above the Holy Ones! We make His name a living Shibboleth! Then we take Him unto ourselves again! Hear Him for He pleaseth us! Selah! Selah! Selah! AMEN! AMEN! AMEN!'

Great was the fear that fell on that multitude. Then John turned and cried, “Behold the prophecy is fulfilled from the beginning! He who cometh hath a mission. He who cometh is the mission. He who cometh will create within us a new birth of spirit. His mercy shall preserve us. His name shall enrich us. Seek ye His kingdom, and that which happeneth hath no rebuke in it!”

Thus did he say, and the multitude marveled. A bird did fly and light upon my head, being a pet dove that I had fed in the wilderness. It had followed me, I say unto you, in that I was kind to it. Verily did the people cry, “Behold the miracle!” They made this noise, pointing to my pet dove. But knew I in my heart the truth.

Then was I baptized as others, of John. Being of age and permitted to speak in the synagogue after the custom of the country, did I step forth when the Sabbath had come and say unto those about me — “Behold I have a message for you that cometh from strange sources. I have heard voices not of earth, but I tell you I know their meaning. I bring you this truth: Except ye become as little children, your heads shall know no resting-place upon the bosom of eternity.”

They did rebuke me and say, “Joseph's son hath a devil! Let us cast it out with prayer.”

But I had no devil, my Beloved, more than ye have devils. I was spoken to of the Host, positive in psychics. Thereat began my ministry.

Three years I labored. Three years I did suffer misunderstandings. Three years did I know wanderings. Three years I said unto men, “Leave your error. Establish truth. Cultivate the psychical powers within yourselves and hear your own whisperings of the Host, even as I have heard them plainly, night unto night, day unto day, hour unto hour.”

They did marvel at first. They gave me an audience. Behold they told a countryside I had come as Elias. But ye, my beloved, know differently from them. Were not some of you with me? Did not some of you say, “Master, we know that Thou art the Christ.” Yea verily, and we did make a pact that when the Latter Days were come when I was no more physically, shouldst ye come back, flesh after flesh, life upon life, even as ye didst see me come and go, interpreting to men that which ye had gained of me, psychics in purest form!

Now, my Beloved, I tell you all this, and it pleaseth me that ye do listen so patiently that ye may be wiser in your own identities whereby ye function among men: Some among you once heard me physically, that is, with senses of body. Some of you didst hear me as counselor in spirit.

Ye didst say unto me, “Master, we love Thee for Thy sacrifice in flesh, for verily the moment groweth with time that agony cometh at the end — spirit wracked and body torn. We Preserve Thee to the Ages, preaching when Thou hast passed from us.”

So I came, and was, and will be, world without end, Amen. And this pact I say ye made, knowing it well that suffering was entailed.

And yet, each time as ye went in and out of flesh, not tasting of death in your eternal spirits — for eternal spirits have no death — ye had a greater urge than ever. We stood as upon a mountain height together and watched the mountain hordes of men climbing, climbing. We saw them growing brighter in their essence, a spark of divinity in each one fanning into flame. Lo, that was the signal that we were succeeding.

Verily our mission hath come to reality of concept in the minds and hearts and souls of earthly brethren. Ye do sit this hour and listen to my words in flesh, in the present year of your earthly calendar. Come and gone in flesh many times have ye, Beloved, even as I have told you. Ye have come and gone courting righteousness in every generation, bringing righteousness, preserving righteousness, enhancing righteousness, making it to shine as a radiant garment upon the body of humanity.

Thus preach I unto you for a purpose. This is the purpose: Ye have heard it said of me that I come unto the world to bring not peace but a sword. Verily that verbal abomination hath wrought the world much havoc. Had I come to bring a sword, would I not have wrought it? Had I come to work wars and carnage, would I not have wrought them? Nay, nay, my beloved. I come to offer peace of purest quality, untouched by bitterness, strife, or malice. I came unto men saying, “Make those who hate you, love you. Do good unto those who defile you. Minister unto those who maliciously seek your ruin.”

Came those of the world saying unto me, “Master, let us slay these dullards who in their stupidities would have none of Thee.”

Perceive ye not, my Beloved, that slaughter hath no merit? For what doeth slaughter in its business, I ask you? What else but release the spirit to enter realms not of flesh? Behold I say unto you, wherein is such punishment? Slaughter worketh release from physical form only, whereof no good resulteth. It releaseth the spirit mischievously, teaching it no lessons, disturbing balances in karma, making men to dread their own forces in that they do such cruelties. Mischief, all of it, I tell you! Mischief born of perversion and idiocy, having no substance in cosmic righteousness, making hearts to suffer that have not bargained for such suffering.

I tell you I abominate it. I say we cast it out. We say unto it, “Get hence! Be gone! We have no need of thee. Thou art mischief incarnate.”

No more of this, this hour. I turn my discourse back to yourselves. The work meriteth visions, meaning the work encompasseth plans that are seen in advance. It is holy and devout to know that those sit among you — with others not yet known to you — who say down a future day,

“We know Him who hath appeared before you as a Flaming Cloud. We speak His name as our potentate. We harken to His instruction as our Mentor. We receive Him in our hearts as our friend and our benefactor. We open our lives to His person as one who comes unto us serving and being served. We have heard His voice in the past on quiet shores where fishermen sang chantings across starlit darkness. We heard His voice in splendid moments of our lives when He said, "Suffer ye, my beloved? Lo, I take unto myself your spirits that suffering may no longer be your portions greater than ye can bear and that teacheth you no lesson."

We heard His voice say such unto us, even as in this generation it saith, “Ye are those who come again to serve and instruct and temper the age, leaving it of mettle. This is our mission, to tell you, humankind, that ye are obsessed. Ye are makers of whoredoms. Ye are abominators and charlatans in martial orgies." Thus say ye unto the nations, and ye know it from mine instruction.

To my Brothers and Sisters in flesh not formally with you I say, Cometh they to you, each one asking, “Who are ye, tell us? Who are all of us? What is the reason for our strange alliance, each unto and with the other?” Hear my voice in your flesh: Ye do awaken even as I once awakened. As I have rehearsed in substance, ever in flesh, ye awaken. And coming awake ye do say, “Master, what wouldst thou?” Lo, I say unto you:

For this purpose were you volunteers in flesh in this generation, that ye might be mine husbandmen and husband-women, gathering for me in the vineyard of fine acts fruits of strange tenor not yet to be disclosed. Abide ye in one another. Strengthen one another, even as my strength cometh unto you and upon you separately. Say unto yourselves, “We are not men and women of earth, with earthly passions and lusts and desires for fulfillments. Nay, not so. We have nothing of one another excepting intercourse of love, as comrades doing sweet labor. We meet one another as companions on a journey again and again, a journey through the same world over and over, this time leading into men a knowledge of the beneficent founts of tranquillity between the nations. We have no desire to benefit except as the Host itself rewardeth us. Our common purse cometh from the same high source, therefore we share with one another. Our labor is in common, our loves are in common, our light is in common, our destiny is in common. In common we came into life, in common we go out of it.”

Peace, I say unto you, Beloved ones in flesh. Ye seek me who was crucified. Think ye not of it, I beseech you, for am I not Risen? Day unto day, night unto night, do I manifest unto my disciples in concordant speech, even unto you in words that bring a message of your destinies. This say I unto you in closing, however……

Ye have gifts given you because of your order of creation. Ye have traits and perceptions that mark you out not as ordinary persons having families and cares of earthly life, but persons having family cares of celestial life. Abide ye ever in thought of me, and lo, they flee your minds and hearts.

No error cometh where thought of me endureth! No error cometh where thought of me is paramount!

Listen, I adjure you, for my voice reassuring you, then rely ye fully on that which cometh after. I speak as one having authority and knowledge, and power to transcend all mortal law and make blossoms out of lecheries.

Closing Commentary by W.D. Pelley:

Suppose we face it astutely, that this Fourth great master-script may be regarded as truly the cornerstone of the whole stupendous enlightenment that follows in these lessons. For the first time in theology anywhere, it would seem to rationalize the advent of the Messiah into this world and the manner of His awakening to His cosmic identity and mission. Without a Messiah reliably identified, there would seem to be no valid teaching known as Christianity. Tradition declares to the contrary. Very much there has been a Messiah. We are faced with the circumstance, however, that up across the centuries, different ecclesiastics have placed different interpretations upon the nature and purpose of such messiahship. Let us consider it a moment.

"Messiah" is an Aramaic word meaning The Anointed or Chosen One. In the Aramaic it was spelled meshiha. In the Hebrew it meant The Expected King and Deliverer of the Tribes of Israel from any and all Gentile suzerainties. It had been the age-old dream of the Hebrews to rise supreme to the peoples of all other bloods and nationalities and eventually rule the earth. Their understanding was that God had early indicated to Moses, their lawgiver, that they should do such with Divine approbation. Their coming Messiah, therefore, was to materialize as their racial dictator, performing of course in liaison and conjunction with the religious authorities in Jerusalem. When a Personage not of their racial strain came out of Gentile Galilee, announcing Himself as the "Son of God," yet showing not the slightest inclination to cooperate or perform subservient to the Jerusalem Temple Potentates, the scholastic Hebrews were swift to repudiate Him. It meant the wholly Israelitish racist dream might become abortive. When He was reported to have said that He would "cast down this temple and rebuild it in three days", they misinterpreted His words as the vilest and most blasphemous of braggings. Undoubtedly Jesus had been referring to "this temple" of His physical self or His body, having reference to His resurrection. But at any rate, the theological authorities knew privately that Jesus was not of pure Hebraic racial strain, His ancestry having come up through generations of "goyim" or strangers that had been originally brought into the country north of Judea from the Danube River valley in Europe by Sargon, King of Babylon, after taking the Hebrews into captivity. He subscribed to the prevalent religious customs of the country, yes. He attended the synagogue because the synagogues were the community meeting places of the country. But His spiritual ideologies rose much higher than megalomaniacal racist concepts or aspirations.

That He was killed as a pretender to the Messianic function in Israel is now religious history — and because his ideologies ascended above the racial lines of Hebrewism, the Christian ecclesiastics of the world have interpreted His messianic role as being worldwide. He is, in other words, the same idealistic dictator to the earth that the Israelites envisioned Him as being for Palestine. What most interests us in this lesson is His own reaction to the whole of it, considered from the psychology of the normal human being at the present time.

Apparently He came back into this present three-dimensional materialistic world some nineteen hundred and fiftyfour solar years ago as a normal child of normal parents, although undoubtedly precocious as befitted His superior cosmic intelligence. Latter-day translators still contest the point in interpreting the ancient Aramaic, Greek and Latin texts as to whether "born of a virgin" meant being procreated without the function of a father. Many repudiate the contentions of the Roman Church that the Elder Brother was "conceived of the Holy Ghost," explaining the virginal references to mean that Jesus was Mary's first-born, that He "opened the virginal womb" of His mother, she never having undergone the experience of maternity before. "Conceived of one who was virginal" would be the more rational exposition of it. That Mary later had other sons, that she early lost Joseph by death and during Jesus' ministry was a widow, seems abundantly confirmed by Scripture in specific places. What we are interested in considering at this early point is the momentous advent of the Messianic Soul-Spirit Itself and Its abundant awakening to Its Identity and Errand.

Of course we are not lacking entirely responsible intellects who hazard the conjecture that the celebrated Nativity — with its Star of Bethlehem and watching shepherds — was little more than some sort of Space Ship demonstration, bringing the Avatar Soul back down onto the earthplane for incarnation in Mary's gestating baby. Three of the gospels recite the story of the miraculous "star" that guided the wise men "till it finally came to rest" over the stable where the Young Child lay. The trouble with that pretty account seems to be that the same phenomenon was alleged to have happened as well at the earlier birth of Zarathustra, likewise that there was no secular record preserved of any extraordinary astronomical displays at or about the date given by legend to the Nativity. Some authorities, probing into the matter deeply, even go so far as to declare that if we wish to rely on the historical data accompanying the traditional details, the real baby-killing Herod lived fully fifty years before the opening of the Christian era.

Amid all the paradoxes and contradictions attending upon the New Testament chronology it should be refreshing to have the Master's account provided in the sacred Script which is part of this discourse. This Script states specifically, "….for know, My beloved, I was born of physical conception even as yourselves, but men have taken liberties with truth to enhance My prestige and deify Him whom they would serve as Lord." Even stronger and more positive statements are made in other Golden Script passages where He has stated emphatically, “No miracles attended upon My birth!" and the reference to taking liberties with truth contains this further interpolation, "….for men have taken liberties with Truth that truth and legend might be one."

Such observations are of the utmost importance, establishing the utter rationality of the Avatar's induction.

Are we asked to assume that the Christ up to the Baptism was just an ordinary man, but with something supernal entering into Him at the Jordan River that had not been in Him up His years to that moment?

A natural man, yes. A normal man, no …..decidedly an abnormal man, considering what He was carrying as to identification in his prenatal or cosmic intellect. As you proceed along in the Soulcraft enlightenments you will have it expounded to you how Christ, as we know Him, was an earthly exhibition of the towering moral stature to which all souls grow as they advance up the cosmic climb of the worlds and attain to divine adeptship. All in all, for present purposes it might be stated that the soul-spirit known to history as Jesus was undoubtedly the oldest spirit, in point of eternal time, that has ever retained contact with earth-life. That uncountable embodiments, in and out of mortal vehicles, produce a character as unsurpassed as His, is the very essence of these revelations. Pentacostal sal­ation, as orthodox communicants have come to know it, is more or less a man-made concept to supplant the unpleasant certainty — attested by all high and adept spirits — that the developing soul goes through one physical life after another in this world until a degree of development is attained where earthly experiences can contribute nothing more to its adeptship. Thus the only hell which human spirits can possibly encounter is the perdition of ignorance of Truth, causing the soul to commit reactionary errors to its own mental and even physical hurt.

At any rate, Jesus — or Jesu, to be technically accurate — was the first-born of the virginal and not the virgin, Mary, and grew along to his tenth or twelfth year, when the incidents started happening to Him that constitute the crux of this Script. There is even a still more startling Script in existence that describes the course of His adolescent skepticism as He grew along, finally culminating in open challenge to the "Robed One"—whom later disclosures apparently identify as the archangel Gabriel --- to furnish evidential proof that Jesu was He whom the Robed One contended. The utter humanness of Jesu's reactions when Gabriel did supply such proofs, constitute some of the finest passages in the whole Soulcraft literature.

As to anything "entering into Him" during the Baptism at Jordan, nothing is expounded in this text.

Baptism was a Piscean ritual denoting consecration of moral will, taking the place of the fiery or sacrificial ordeals of the antedating Arian Dispensation. Nothing can "enter into" a man that is already in him though dormant. The trouble with present-day humanity is its constitutional inability or unwillingness to admit that anything is dormant in the average person but that which discloses to the moment in appearance or conduct. There is profit we can appreciate in discovering what actually does happen, when the whole light is turned upon it.

(From The New Liberator, Vol.1, no.2, June-Oct. 1930, not found in The Golden Scripts)

We gather as agreed. The day is well spent. The night seeth us with labors performed.

Now My dear ones, let Me make lengthy speech with you. Know that I so loved the world that I gave it My life. My life was the price paid for man's possession. Man was doomed to extinction long ages ago. His thoughts were of evil. He loved the darkness. His animal ancestry had blotted his divinity. The Plan had not been successful for him as a creation of order and method. He had despoiled his own house. The evil he did was abomination. Antics he made of the Father's beneficence. He made riot in holy places. His whole creation was a misanthropy.

Know that I did pity him for his dumbness and impatience. Know that I did give up residence on higher and farther planes to be close to physical earth and try to bring order from chaos. Know that I did so love suffering mankind that I did make a compact. I did offer the Father My Life in exchange for the lives of the world. My life was not desired of the Father but so touched was He by My sacrifice of higher and greater and vaster joys of eternities that He gave Me the earthplane on a condition:

I was to come into the world a humble unknown. I was to live as one of those whose wickedness of ideal was abomination. I was to know pain and suffering and physical death. Yet was I to know resurrection for a purpose. The world might thereby take to heart the example of My life and have before it an ideal of Permanent Divinity!

Came I into the world, My beloved, to save it from physical and literal extinction. There would have been a heavenly holocaust. Stars would have fused. Mankind would have perished — mercifully but permanently — as created order. No world would have been as men now perceive it.

Men were not to know that I had thus bought them for the price of an ideal. They were to think Me human. They were to be shown what human creation could accomplish. I gave them example till My thirtieth year. Then came the Father's angels unto Me. We did sit upon a mountain and consider humankind. Came I down from that mountain with the determination strong to save mankind even at cost of physical death, hoping thereby to show his species that death of the body can be conquered by Faith.

Apprise ye the sad result. Came I into a world, it received Me not. Opened I the eyes of the blind and they saw not. Gave I Water of Life to the perishing and sport they made of My generosity. The beast lingered within them: they stayed Unclean.

Yet did I persevere for knew I that there was a spark of Great Divinity in the hearts of bestial men and I saved it. Knew I that sooner or later men might come to see that the order of creation could be brought back to the Father whom I served as Son. Industrious I waxed in My ministrations. Gave I freely of time and effort and persevering compassion. Though they did stone Me and revile Me and make mock of Me, yet did I triumph over Death and come back as witness of the Lost Idealism.

The world was slow to acknowledge Me, but acknowledge Me it did. In that acknowledgment were the hands of My devoted disciples who, with Me, returned to earth again and again, times without number, seeking to turn men's hearts and faces in the upward Way. Did they work and preach and expound and reveal. Yea, did they die, even as I died, that men might know the love I brought them from Far, Far Planes.

Honored I them for their service. The world maketh progress toward the Father through them but still it be retarded by sons of darkness. They be workers of iniquity in that they love iniquity. The Beast hath left its mark within them. Generation unto generation it showeth its fangs. They who have been of good report have suffered cruelly because of those who loved the darkness. They who grew to love Me and keep the commandments of loving order were reviled and slain by the workers of iniquity.

Sorely, sorely, hath My patience been tried. Sorely have I doubted if My work and sacrifice were of merit, and worthy indeed of the time and the pain. Sorely have I been tempted to let the holocaust appear and go to My Father in the apex of Spirit-Creation and there abide. Yet ever have I been touched by the sight of the cowering, those who would walk uprightly had they nothing to fear. Ever have I seen the humble lift up their hands for Enlightenment. These have made Me rejoice. These have caused Me to be of faith that down far generations the world might be cleansed of the Mark of the Beast.

So it hath ever been. So it will be. So be the errand and the mercy thereof. Man hath shown light toward redemption. He hath shown less and less of the Beast in his heart. Progress hath he made which augureth well.

Still have we seen the Beast stalking, however. Conflict on conflict cometh in circumstance. Yet have I given account of the work on this planet. And the Word hath been spoken: “Well accomplished, My Beloved; continue Thou in grace!

The world little suspecteth how slender be the thread on which hangeth its perpetuation. If I but gave the word, lo the heavens would shower fire, the continents would tremble, the seas would rise up, the night of inky blackness would fall upon the cinder of a once-world that would fuse with other nomad Planets and form a flashing nebulae far into empty heavens!

But I give not such word. I keep within the hollow of My hand the existence of this planet. I tend and watch it. Daily I see the lives of nations. I watch pranking statesmen make mock of My work over many generations and I rebuke them not, knowing that if there be a spark of the Holy Spirit within them yet will it someday redeem them. I watch the humble rise to affluence and give accounting of their talents and I am encouraged. So be it!

Know, My beloved, we be of one substance. We be of one flesh to save the humble seekers after truth from the Mark of the Beast. We come to save the humble and the worthy and take them up to the Father. Our work goeth on in progressive stages.

One by one we eliminate great social cancers. One by one we despoil the idols of Mammon and tear apart the altars of Social Connivance for Nefarious Ends. One by one we eliminate the princes of evil from their petty thrones, setting up potentates under us of the Goodly company.

Great nations be led by great statesman of Mammon. They do the behest of the Widely Advertised, not the behest of the truly great in heart. They follow demigods who rant of war when war threateneth, and rant of peace when there be peace. They be worldly sheep led by blind shepherds who consort with wolves.

They be led by demagogs, I say, who have only selfish ends to serve. They be not of international mind. Care they naught for real human brotherhood. Seek they always after self-exploitation. No spirit have they to perceive the real causes behind world tumult. Live they only for awards of clamor and the plaudits of reward. Seek they to do the Opportune, not the permanently just thing in council of state.

I tell you, My beloved, fear not any statesman who seeketh his own Award of Merit. He be as a hollow reed into which the wind bloweth.

Our task is to winnow the Mongers of hate from the shepherds of eternal peace and light. Our task it is to know with intimacy those who walk in light and await the Great Speaking. Our task it is to show to them by speech that Great Ones walk among them as of old, making them to understand that a Miracle cometh!          PEACE

 (From Bright Horizons, September, 1954, not found in The Golden Scripts)

 My Dearly Beloved:

Do not be sorrowful, be of great expectation. There is naught but Love eternal and unfathomable between us and about us. Always will it remain so until the Last Great Day when all of us are rejoined into the Father's bosom, sons of light beyond earthly beholding.

My peace upon you, my sisters and my brethren. I am not come to distress you but to assure you of my presence, that I am the Spirit of Truth and the generous help that ye think me.

Your earthly senses blind you to that which your minds remember so vaguely that it seemeth an instinct, but that instinct shall grow and increase within you till memory bursteth forth into its flower. In that day shall ye walk among men for that which ye are — members of the family of my Father who have volunteered to aid me in the work of redeeming the world from materialism in the wake of enlightenment that men term scientific.

Be calm, be glad, be strong. The way is blind and filled with perplexities, but take my word too that perplexities ever were part of the Plan, that ye might deport yourselves among men as men, and understand their hearts while encased in mortal slumber.

Ye are my beloved, closer unto me than ever ye have been, and these revelations reach you because it was agreed that at the proper moment I should let you have them in order to guide you intelligently in consummation of the eternal problem's solution.

Do not be overly concerned for speed or for method; that is the role of those that do counsel you. All await the proper moment for the maximum effect.

Be of calm slumber. Ye have enjoyed your love in the day that hath been lived that hath seemed most wondrous unto you. The night shutteth down and earthly life quieteth. This is the promise unto you from those who watch above your slumbering forms: there is neither harm nor danger that can disturb those slumbers; there is no disturbance that can enter and hurt your faith in your Elder Brother or his love.

I am with you, beloved, as ye have been with me this day even more than with the world. Always let it be thus. Be happy in your workroom and playground of the world. Remember that no play maketh the dull workman. Be strong and noble and full of tender mercy for my sheep wheresoever ye do move among them. Know that ye are among men, and yet exalt above them.

This shall be your shibboleth: Ye shall find yourselves growing in knowledge of sacred mysteries day upon day. The curtain shall lift fold by fold as your hearts strengthen and your spirits evolve into finer and ever more precious conceptions.

The thoughts of me ye have known this day have been echoed in my heart as they came from your minds. I have been with you through the troublesome hours of watching my world try to make a little more progress toward the Father.

Be careful, be shrewd, be honest, be upright. Go on with me thus from hour unto hour. I am come to bring you the thoughts and the words that shall deepen your spiritual perceptions and vocal utterances.

Ever remember that I do walk with you as a friend in a garden. The time passeth and ye are weary. Let my angel guard and watch over your tents of repose. No harm can intrude where he keepeth vigilance.

PEACE! …and dreams of reunion soon.

 (From Bright Horizons, Feb, 1954, not found in The Golden Scripts)

My Dearly Beloved:

I have been cognizant of your problems and would come as counselor in their solutions. Know that those who take up the world's burden for love of Me toil under double handicap: their own readjustments and the efforts of those ever at enmity with whomsoever loveth me.

With the latter always must ye contest, for the greater your power in that work, the greater their rancors and malevolent terrors. More and more will ye learn to know those forces and verily overcome them. Meanwhile there is that adjustment that maketh their access unto you a futility.

I say ye have lived for so many years of this earthly visitation in the shadows of unhappiness, maladjustment and fears of every sort that ye must learn to breathe the life-giving air of joy, without paralyzing after-effects, which are the fruit of joy not yet become a habit of body, mind, and soul. Of the Spirit it hath been since the Beginning.

Oh, my beloved friends and co-workers! Do ye think mine heart beateth not with yours in those hours of readjustment as the New Light breaketh in? For the highest work of the creative faculty there must ever be the deepest and most powerful of all the motive forces. These lie not in Sorrow but in Joy and Love.

When from the heights of a safe haven ye do look out upon those struggling to find their paths in the blackness of night, then is the heart torn with pity and compassion. Then out of your own joy goeth the Message of Light to the feet that stumble. Ye are My spokesmen — in that lieth the secret.

Ye did have to know Pain, even as I did know Pain. Ye did have to know Joy even as I did know joy.

Only from the heights and the depths of human experience that they can work who do My labor. This is the law. Ye have come so swiftly and suddenly from night into dawn that ye are as those lost for the moment by the sweeping away of all familiar landmarks. But I say unto you, Fear not! In this new country into which ye have been led are new and more helpful landmarks than any left behind.

When ye are tempted to think of the struggles and pain and groping of the world of men as trivial, remember always that each soul therein is precious in My sight, that the tears in each eye are the tears in Mine own, and when ye do write of the humblest and meanest soul, ye do write of Me.

Know that ye can give the most ignorant soul alive a glimpse into eternity, and many glimpses vouchsafed to many eyes will mean the rolling back just a little further of the veil which obscureth poor mortal vision.

Your creative faculties will return to you, but not until ye have become more keenly aware of the new world into which ye have been carried and its relation to the old.

I say unto you, try a few moments of complete mental and physical relaxation before ye do take up the pen, moments when ye do concentrate on thought of Me and upon the greatness of that which ye are destined to do for Me and for the world. I say also, try a more definite placing of the burden of creation upon the subconscious contact with those on This Upper Side, by placing your problems in regard to any situation before them ere ye seek your sleep by night.

Oh, my children, my brothers and sisters in the vigil of mortality! Is it not known of you that the mission ye execute hath been a long time yours in Spirit, that ye did ask that it be given you, that ye asked it for love of Me? Think ye that this is the first time ye have carried it in triumph? Know your own nobility which Life hath hidden from you.

My peace is with you, and it shall evermore be with you until that day when the end of all Creation shall have been achieved. My love is with you. The power of the Spirit is yours. It is My work ye do, and no power in earth or heaven can do more than help you in the passing moment.

Ye shall go onward, always stronger and wiser, for the whole earth groaneth toward the righteousness coming in. Know that it is written in the Books of the Eternal: “For those who serve there is no failure.”

We who look from the Heights of Love to the Peaks of Attainment see only success enshrined on those summits. How then can ye fail when that which is Written in the End is foreknown unto you in the Now?

I say, my foreknowledge is your buckler ….My Work shall be done!         PEACE

 (FromValor magazine, October, 1955, not found in The Golden Scripts)

My Dearly Beloved:

We gather together with the fond day in retrospect. There are things I would mention as we join thus in conference.

Men make confusions but I command order. Men perform mischiefs but I perform harmonies. Yet know you, Beloved, there is peace of resignation, and peace of Love Militant. This last is of Me.

I do not commend that peace which men call Pacifism. I do commend the peace that suffereth long, the peace that is kind, but the peace which demandeth justice regardless!

Ye have been just, and such peace is pleasing to me. I rebuke you, however, for over-generosity.

Men do not admire, neither respect, over-generosity; the order of giving is reversed. They give unto you at your election; ye do take from yourselves for purposes not warranting the gifts.

Ye know that it hath been said: Give unto him who asketh of thee thy coat, yea give unto him thy cloak also. Verily did I likewise say, Give not unto him who hath no right to either, accepting his demand because ye are of Me.

Brawl not, beloved, yet be not supine when injustice threateneth; else how doth injustice meet with correction? I speak for your future dealings with men as Mine emissaries. There shall be those among you who bargain in nations, beloved. Learn ye in farthings whereof merit speaketh.

Generosity is of Me. Over-generosity cometh of evil in that the value hath not its balance. One of the parties hath suffered a malfeasance. I am the Spirit of Justice and justice applieth to both giver and gifted.

Be ye faultless in intent. I criticize you not for bargainings with Mammon. I remind you, however, that men do not hold in respect he who hath no raiment in that he hath given it when those who received it could have acquired it by their own efforts.

My beloved, be advised, many are those about you whose inclination of fault is to over-give. Such giving is childish, I say it is not mature. I speak as a friend having weightier wisdom, not as a lord commanding obedience.

Give unto those deserving in their need, for thus is it manifest in you, that ye show yourselves of Spirit. But he who is arrogant in making demand upon you, verily he deporteth as the thief who would rob you. Is robbery the less, that it is achieved by clever threatenings?

My call to the world is uprightness from error. Lo, the man who encountereth opposition when he taketh, knoweth he taketh that which is not his portion. Generosity, I tell you, hath tenderness in it and vet a tenderness based on equity. The gifted have a need and the one who giveth filleth it. Love is the medium perfecting the transaction. Both have a recompense in values that profit them.

Too long, I say, have men of pettifoggeries made of my principles a nesting place for nincompooperies. I tell you the peace that is pacifism encourageth the miscreant to seize from the impoverished. Would I sanctify error? Would I incubate malevolences?

Be ye wise as grown persons. Trust not to sentimentalities in that they hold sentiment. Those who follow Me have stamina for their petard; they have equity for their ensigns.

I have come unto the world to teach it a righteousness, yea verily that righteousness without whoredoms in it. I am he who hath lived the principles set before you in the past; verily would I have you proclaim them as I lived them.

Be of expectant heart and calm confidence that I do cherish my spokesmen too greatly to let them misinterpret that which hath honor in all phasings of traffickings. There are those who wait upon you for settlements of coinage when they have performed for you. I say, settle them quickly and truthfully and fairly. Yet he who giveth unto you today and tomorrow demandeth his gift be returned to him, can be conspirator as well as creditor. Come unto me for your counsel in how his plottings guide him.

I am not of this world yet trust that I do know the obligations of this world and the ways in which men do perceive earthly righteousness. He who giveth unto my work, giveth unto Me. He who taketh from My work, rebuketh the office which My servants would do for Me. I, in the end, shall compute all accountings.

I say, keep your spoken promisings as ye may be able: go with him who asketh of you, and trade with him who seeketh trade with you. Go into the marketplaces and make covenants, knowing that I am aware of such bargainings.

But of those who would claim unjustly of you, I say pay them not. There are those who would claim of you with justice. Pay them, I say, to the utmost farthing. There are those who would scoff at you for credulity of heart. Scoff not in return but bestow on them your blessing. But he who would endow you at his caprice cannot be listed among righteous creditors when his caprice hath annoyed him and he would have return from you.

These things do I advise you; these matters have approval of your Brother, Lord, and Servant.          PEACE>

 (From Valor magazine, Feb, 1959, not found in The Golden Scripts)

Dearly Beloved:

I perceive ye are bewitched by a wakefulness for Service. Hold ye and hear. I speak a true message, there is none in between.

I say, the day ye go forth to conquer in My name, there goeth a mighty host with you that is not of your making! Mark ye this well. It is not of your making but the making of circumstance.

It is well to be prepared. It is well to ask: What have we done that should not have been done? Or, what remaineth to be done that we have left undone?

It is better to say, These things are known of me, that I have kept the faith, that I have manifested no ungodly act toward my brethren, that I have answered when I was called to play my role, that I have dwelt not in wickedness and raised no man's hand against me. Because I have done these things I need no mercy nor pardon from circumstance. I continue my role in witnessing event, content to do that which hath a goodly import.

And yet, hear Me further: I have told you that I prepare the way for you, that wherein ye serve ye do a great honor to yourselves, as ye do likewise to us who wait for you in reward for your performance. Lest it perplex you that this is so, I tell you we exceed our authority if we come unto the enemy before he is ready for a falling. We gain nothing and lose much if we best him in circumstance and have not the wherewithal to follow up our victory in event.

It cometh to pass that a mighty host shall rise against this nation and many men in many places shall cry out in a panic, “Where is he who should lead us in that he hath prophesied correctly the coming of this vermin?”

In that day, beloved, arise and lead indeed! But lead sensibly, with minions at your backs. Lead in that ye have proclaimed yourselves as having goodly knowledge that qualifieth for a chieftainship.

But hear Me stoutly. There are none who come before the enemy felling him. The enemy felleth himself, I counsel you. He maketh a stink of his own vomit and eateth thereof, sickening himself.

I have goodly work for you and ye perform it in My name. In My name go forward, preaching and instructing, serving humankind with leaflets of information, giving it hope of finer things to come as ye are directed by Inspiration.

But go not out to the enemy to engage him in combat, for the victory is to his side that he may know in such victory the fury of triumph expended upon himself in futility.

Ye are called to lead, I say, but thus account for your leadership . . . say unto the brethren, “We have a Plan that hath a goodly promise of success. We obtain it from sources that are higher than our own. We come and go in goodly works, offering our brethren concordance, yea even in his principles of statecraft.”

My beloved, harken to me! I say unto you: Beat not your wits with false reasonings. Make no error of preachments that are called to manufacture circumstance which cometh of its self! I say unto you, in the fair day cometh the fair warning. In the fair tumult ariseth the fair opportunity for direction of a host that hath battlement on its insignia, even in its rantings.

Lest it be said of you that ye were found wanting, I declare unto you: Manifest no ungodly act that strife may be either hastened or decided, for the enemy hath a grievance within his own ranks of which we take advantage — mark that well! The enemy hath not an easy way. He proceedeth not smoothly, his plans mature not excellently.

I say, be guided, be wise, be solemn, be slow to anger concerning him. Give of your utmost to Education and Enlightenment. For that have ye been called and that shall perform for you what minions could not, though they flew to your track in a miracle's twinkling.

Take heed to yourselves and perform no impatiencies, for I command caution in this strategic circumstance when the world pauseth baffled, yea on the thresholds of mighty event. I have not called you thus far to leave you in a little tent when mighty events roar forth in joyousness, combating for the Lord of Hosts.

Receive ye my speech? Act ye upon it and all shall be well with you. It is not carnage that we wish upon the world. It is but the chance for man to reckon the extent of his ignorance wedded with beastliness and rue it and draw back.

And yet mighty times come when the earth knoweth quakings. Men's wits shall be shaken, for their conduct hath so decreed it. Ye are those who have bided a fair wisdom and the bearing of an ensign in that contest. Let your light continue to shine so before men that they turn to you of instinct, for your calm is a Sign that the Wisdom hath qualified you. Ever so be it!         


 Dearly Beloved:

Turning resolutely from every terror, keeping an onward march despite legions confronting you, proclaimeth the d­vinity that is ever your essence.

Error marcheth not in a line that is straight. It goeth ever crookedly. It twisteth and it turneth, it maketh a grievous blundering at beguiling a soul to the paths of confusion and bearing him backward.

When such occurreth, ever is he prone to think of himself as a faucet of expressed desire that giveth a gushing when no gushing cometh. Verily is he empty of that which is noble.

Even so, beloved, keep ye the promise made between us in beauty: verily we recognize that history hath none greater than those who say, “We go forward in that we face forward. We open doors in that they are doors, and we find them confronting us.”

Open ye doors of understanding that others may enter, and behold doors are opened unto you in that ye have done it.

Consider your colleagues as vassals to a lord who sayeth to his master, "I would serve thee wherever thou goest", yet have they humor for roundabout ways of a preference that is personal. True indeed is it that ways do exist whereby goals are achieved, yet are thoughts but material making for achievement? Can the material be the structure finished in perfection? After all hath been said, do ye not concern yourselves with Truth? Ways will open unto you. Verily I open them. But ye do build the building. That is your errand.

Be ye of goodly countenance and long suffering. Suffering is valorous. Prepare for it in strength, having no work on pleasant byways but always amid brambles of paths that test your biceps.

Transgress not against the Doctrine of Decisions; make them and take action. Thus shall ye have faith that what is spoken unto you encompasseth your destiny as almoners of the nations, not desiring servitude but promptness in performance.

Augury hath said it, prophecy hath sung it, light hath made it manifest, harps made it music: Teach not my people whoredoms but deliverance from the evil that is fright at transitions. So shall ye stand as being victors over death in circumstance.

Take this thought with you into slumber, my beloved: Whatever is, is righteous in some aspect, else the world would have its offices for naught. Pursue ye that project which calleth you till its end be fulfillment, having no mind to turn back though ten thousand suns may beat their noon heats on you.

Transcribe my wisdom, transcribe my wisdom, transcribe my wisdom, and learn, and learn, and learn. Presently ye shall see that all is understanding.

Consider the ways of those who have made excellent progress up the worlds. Have they let circumstance deflect them? Have they not bought themselves goodly stations with the burdens of their birthrights?

Perfection cometh unto him who sayeth, “I am not of those who need instruction hourly; I go my way and plow my furrow, trusting that my God hath placed my footsteps in it though I know it not nor estimate the harvest.” Presently do they see that God indeed hath sent them and the harvest is so great that their barns cannot hold it.

Cast down your burdens of inconsequence, I tell you. Raise mighty shoulders to the wheel of vitalities. Heave mightily, seek patiently, love endlessly. These three are Truth displayed in all performings.

Seek not waywardness, seek not penury, seek not that circumstance where those cry out bitterly, “Lo, I am forsaken”, for upon that path traveleth they who are foolish in their imageries.

Take heart, take hope, take patience, take love. Mix these in joy and drink the libations of your birthrights.

Master those in the toils of error, conquer those in the traps of falsehoods. Behold I come unto you in silence. I give you acumen to stay the vainglorious. Thus shall it be well with those who have said, “We suffer not the evil days, being the master of those days, not slaves in a pit harassed by life's penuries.”

The love of fifty righteous men may go with you. If so be it ye think them not righteous, cast them not out but await their ministrations in such ways as you find it; behold they shall give it.

Have I not heard those who have cried to me in turn, “Tell us our missions, Lord, that we may serve them nobly.” Have I too not seen them hunger after little fruits and let vast harvests waste within the fields?

The noble soul and the strong soul looketh unto himself for that which reapeth every harvest when the seasons have come and the fields are ripe with increase.

Thus dare to be strong, my dearly beloved. Dare to be impertinent if it advanceth your purpose. But continue in the grace of that which pursueth the one end in beauty. Only Character counteth when all harvests are in and laborers have sought their cots for the night.    PEACE

(From Valor, Sept, 1955, not found in The Golden Scripts)

My Beloved:

I speak in trenchant note. I say, be wise in your discernments. All who come to you are not wolves in sheep's clothing, all who beseech you have not instruments to harm you. There are those who love you greatly. Make them your companions, give them your succor.

I have taught you long, I have taught you lustily. I have said unto you, be wise in your discernments. I have opened for you a mammoth page. I have bidden you write upon it. I have told you what to write. Now I come saying more.

I say it shall happen to you that many shall revile you, many shall persecute you, but many shall come unto you fetching you succor. Many shall come saying, These are they who lead us. Here are our anchors lying to leeward. In these are our salvations.

I say, trust them not when they come unto you bemoaning the times that they are evil, that they hold only rancor from those who are wayward. I say it shall dawn upon them that a goodly feast is set for those who read the future rightly, who take no man's food and leave him to hunger, who give a succor even unto luxury, who absolve themselves of the sins that are their own, who come and go privately seeking true Knowledge.

For the man who would read the times aright must know his own conscience He must ever look upward and behold a true vision. He must see only luxury in earthly arrivings, that the times eschew him not but make for him a splendor.

The wicked flee their shadows. They have no place to hide. They make a great obeisance unto gods of their own wrathings. They institute no succor unless it have a lechery. They behold a vast vomit and perceive not they have made it. Their shadows are cast before them and they think it an enemy. They make a great uproar in the streets of the nations, calling on false gods to come soon and rescue them, to take them from that vomit lest it lay them by its pestilence.

My beloved, be circumspect. Know a great wrath humbled, seek a vast path widened, operate a vast machinery with a hand that is unerring, know a mighty translucence that cometh on you suddenly, that anointeth you with prominence. I, your Lord, hath spoken and my wits are your protection.

I see a vast multitude performing on yon horizon. It entereth not into the sheepfold of that which cometh to leaven. It performeth unto itself without true circumspection. It vaunteth itself and lifteth its clamor. It saith to itself, We are the omnipotent, our gods are not false for we worship ourselves.

Is it meet that ye shouldst go out unto these and implore them for mercy? Have ye not learned that the price of great sacrifice is precipitant desire, that man goeth for his Long Home only as he performeth what the ordained moment offereth, that the pathways to glories have no shortened wendings, that whomsoever performeth a lechery unto his neighbor soweth a pestilence unto his own Godhood?

Let me rest with you awhile. Let me come in unto you. Let me say unto you as I have said of old: It shall in nowise profit you if ye hear not my voice, if ye heed not mine offerings of translucent wisdoms. For I, your Lord, have a bitter draught to quaff, I have a bitter load to feel upon the biceps of my body, I have a mightier task to do than ever I have done.

I arise and go unto my Father and declare my ways nightly. I come back in the mornings of the days and offer a sonnet to that which hath beguiled me, for lo have I seen vast splendors of days that light the future. I have tarried in vales of pleasant imaginings. I have wandered by cool waters that mean many salvations. I have striven at my task and performed my absolutions. I have uttered a song to the music in mine heart. I have opened the storehouses of treasurings in my fancies and out of my mouth cometh strength to make them golden, even to an age that scoffeth at illusions.

These things have I done that ye might know music, yea even that harmony that Love Transcendent rendereth.

Behold I have gone before you into a Dark Vale. I have wandered by black waters. I have seen the evil man gather his sack about you to defame you. It hath come unto me that those lie in wait who bespeak an envious mission, they perform with evil reckonings.

I have gone out as your guide. I have scouted as your servant. I have made a kindling pyre of all your past desires and fired a sentinel mountain with the blazings of your manners.

Is it not meet that I should do this if by the doing we take humankind with us into better wanderings, into higher livings, into richer pasturings, unto loftier pinnacles?

What manner of man amongst you would not hear my song that I sing unto the Infinite? What daughter of Satan would preserve her fair garments by coming not out to hear my revealings?

I say, I forecast for the man who is mighty, yet do I turn my hand to the burden that is humble. I lift up my voice for the prince who would know me, yet I enter into the small gate and know the low doorstone of those who would receive me with the crust that holdeth plainness.

Thus saying, I leave you.    PEACE

(From Valor magazine, Nov., 1955, not found in The Golden Scripts)

My Dearly Beloved:

My ministers have visIted thee. They have traded happiness for knowledge with thee. I say it is but the beginning of thy wisdom. Greater still shall be thy hunger, ever as thy knowledge groweth. Greet thou Wisdom swiftly, else thy blindness rendeth thee. And yet I say, Fear not!

Knowest thou not I love and care for thee, verily for all who do my commandments? Hath any harm of consequence befallen them? Have I not set my ministers guard over thee and them, to keep earthly bodies from destroyings?

Be patient, I say unto all of you, until I have encompassed in result that which I have promised. Men have opportuned me, making me promisings, saying: "Master, we love Thee and would award Thy servants.” Lo, they spake not falsehood, they only deceived themselves. I rend them not for such deception. I only wait, verily knowing my love will triumph.

Perceive ye not certain traits in men? Lo, they are selfish, lo, they are generous, lo, they have gifts that make them different from one another. I say, these traits encompass all which they do. Ye have the power to encompass all those things by marking well their attainments. They are not always positive. They work in different ways in circumstance. But know this thing: All of them are subject to certain laws of the Infinite!

A generous man is generous always. A selfish man is selfish unto himself as well as his children, naught others share with him. But these may transcend laws of event. Behold ye picture in imaginings the souls of men obeying infinite law and ye do have a basis of conjecture for prophecy. I come to all of you by knowledge of men's conduct exemplified by circumstance. It cometh to you subtly, making no tumult in its coming. Ye say, “Lo, a certain man hath knowledge that he is rich; such knowledge will he impart in action.” Verily ye seek out whom such actions benefit. It cometh unto you by logic and ye say: "So will it be at such and such a time, giving maturity its fling." Have ye not prophecied? Have ye not predicted? Commonsense, so called, is Second Sight of an order. Commonsense saith: “Lo, things are, therefore will they be.” Yet it seeketh its logic in event. Such event is sure of happening. Lo, commonsense hath exercised.

My dearly beloved, hear ye this: Men are reasoners for a purpose. Out of the Unknown cometh their knowledge but out of their reason cometh their wisdom. I give you knowledge even now. Wisdom I give you as I may. Ye do give yourselves the greater wisdom when ye do reason: “This be so and that be so.” Wherefore are these of the law of infinity? Ye do perceive it and have Second Sight. I have but quickened your spirits to perceive it. I have but shown you events in maturities.

Of old the speaking had it, “Come, let us reason together, saith the Lord.” Verily such communion ever hath its purposes. Men are reasoners, therefore see they in advance the event which happeneth. Lo, they reason with knowledge or they reason with wisdom. Those who reason with knowledge are worldly wise men. Those who reason with wisdom are clairvoyant of the Spirit. Perceive ye the difference?

Ignorance is shibboleth to cover lack of understanding. So too doth knowledge have its handicap. Verily the ignorant may be wise in Spirit even as the Prophets.

I say unto thee, beloved, resource cometh in that I know that vast numbers love thee. They are disturbed at thy distress yet ye know it not. I say thou art afflicted with hurt of circumstance. Lo, circumstance manifesteth, thou sufferest and I rescue thee. I say unto them, “My beloved suffereth, aid him.” Lo, they do it. Thus their cycle of event concludeth. Knewest thou whence or how thy distress was perceived by others? Knewest thou the causes that put such relief in motion? Verily, beloved, the voice proclaimeth sufferings; verily the spirit proclaimeth from afar by ways thou know not if mayhap the heavenly host carry it and worldly men hear, not knowing whence the cry hath come.

I say unto thee, beloved, it is abomination to afflict thy spirit with imaginings. Desire overwhelmeth thee. Go thou unto the ways of business with a calm, knowing tranquility, sending forth not confusions but clearness of appeal. Men hear such appeal and raise you up in ways that thou desirest.

I say even more: Thy calmness rebuketh them for delay: Thy tranquility impresseth them with divinity. Verily are all such leaders over them by having it. Say not of their petty affairs: “This shall be and that shall be”, as lackey to his Caesar desiring his favor.

I say unto thee and all who labor with thee in My work, “Ye have a sight that is deeper than eye of flesh.” I charge that ye use it, going about doing good. Speak unto me in tranquility of heart and lo, mine answer cometh. I come ever in storm, walking upon the waters of your faith in me. I speak, answering ..    PEACE

 (From The Golden Scripts, ch.83)

 My Dearly Beloved:

The prophets were those who told goodly tidings of great joy to peoples or to persons. They did not harken to little voices, seeking like children to commit acts of mischief. They did mark great trends, listen to great messages and impart great truths. They did give up all hope of profit thereby, seeking only to inspire the race to whom they thus addressed themselves.

They did say, “Behold we have perceived Great Signs. We have listened to Great Intelligences. We have sat at the feet of many Elijahs. We do therefore pass along to you that which is too beauteous for us to keep selfishly.

Therein were they godlike, therein do they bless those who listen to their wisdom.

I say these things unto you in that ye have besought me for instruction that ye might distribute it, being distributors by vocation and servants by election. I say these things, not that ye may be great in the eyes of the world but that ye may have knowledge and a goodly message to incline men toward you, causing them to say:

“Behold these do tell us a prognostication of beauty which benefiteth us. We do honor them because we love the message they do bring us, making our hearts to sing in a chorus.”

These things do I tell you that ye may be efficient in your ministries, not arguing foolishly of things that happen not, or, happening, drive men despairing into hurt of their hopes.

Beauteous indeed are the rewards and awards when we say truthfully to those who thwart us: “Peace be unto your troubled spirits. Ye have accomplished no injury excepting unto yourselves.”

The times are ripe, ripe. The harvest hangeth on the bough. The autumn winds blow and the leaves are heavy with the wisdom of the tree which hath nourished them.

Come I unto you, My beloved, telling you how to gather that harvest.

Await My presence, for I may come nightly.         PEACE

 (From Valor magazine, May, 1957, not found in The Golden Scripts)

 My Dearly Beloved,

Have I not come unto you in many guises? When the fond heart yearneth after Me, when hath my person evaded its longings, even the sight of Me as I am?

Now do I bid that you employ yourselves that the wonders of vision crossing the barriers bring us person-to-person. How else shall the world have evidence that the Son of Man is not privy to His loved ones alone? How else shall earth declare with conviction that I live in My soul-right, that naught is necromancy that hath come to you through history?

Beloved, be advised. Greater wonders are yet to be seen than any men have dreamed of. Greater intelligence accrueth to man when it cometh of evidence that the Higher Octaves of Consciousness hath reality even as the lower.

I say all is the wonderment of this generation that man emergeth from the twilight in which he hath endured since Calvary and perpetual Easter Dawn now floodeth his eyeballs. But My beloved, be cautioned.

There are those who detest this thing with a hatred. Not at any price will they have Truth disclosed unto the multitude. They will defeat us in our explorings, they will mock us with failure if our pretendings are not realized. And yet I have decreed that My servants on all the planes shall succeed at this thing. It shall come in as a paean sung to the Godlike. A new heaven and a new earth shall stand revealed yet devoid of the blasphemies of strategized errors that coffers may be abundant.

Out of the mists of Time cometh one who standeth in a High Place and rebuketh the avaricious that their deeds find them out. But that is not of us in the present. We but do the holy act that earth's millions profit. On the heads of the mercenary shall the penalty rest if the attainment be defeated. Know that I have said it.

We have come a long way together up the centuries. We have eaten our crumbs together at many shrines of holiness; we have talked of this thing.

Have I not told you implicitly that God hath not decreed that the Planes exist apart. Lo, it is man's ignorance that supplieth them with fencings. Behold man must know the basic grades and their findings unto his intelligence in order to know and appreciate the higher. The Father at no time would condemn Man to ignorance. Man shall have all knowledge as he sheweth himself clever in receiving it.

I have given you a charge to keep, a brevet to fulfill, a wonder to pass to the Children of Tomorrow. I say that they shall honor you in that you presently achieve it.

And yet, My Beloved, it was decreed from the Beginning. Doth the Father delight in Purgatory that it may increase His luster? Hath He wished that Man's pathways should hold Darkness' pitfalls? I say the pitfalls have been deadly in that Man refused to exercise his vision. Darkness hath enshrouded him because the Traitor to Intelligence hath declared it was his portion. Not so, Beloved.

Men gain visions of the Most High when they raise themselves from body's slumber, even the Last Slumber from which the body awaketh not. Should they not see these visions with their eyesight of earth's organs? Would it not cheer them on their ways that mark the Valley's Shadows to behold on ahead of them the ecstasies of Mansions?

Would mine own pathway not be smoothed as I come to the world again if Man identified Me clearly amid the throng of the perturbed? Would the Man of Evil have not the greater difficulty to defeat Me if My person stood demarked and Earth cried, "It is He!" and greeted Me? I tell you these things as possessed of understanding.

Know the Dawn which cometh in for what it is, I adjure you mightily. Say among yourselves, God hath not wished that we walk in insistent ignorance. He hath provided us a way to escape the fell pestilence, even the pestilence of Error's omnipotence. We receive the loving gift of translucent intelligence and defeat the lowest planes with quickness of perception. Behold it is the season when such matters enthrall all intellects. A new and a wiser race inhabiteth the earth-plane.

Yet what shall be said of those who bring this bounty? Shall they not be reckoned with the Wise Ones of Eternity? My speech is emphatic that they shall be glorified. I say, Go and be those persons. Magnify Mine honor that I am He who sent you. Pay ye no heed to the trifling huckster who bemoaneth that his stupidity hath found him out. Do a great deed that the race may be ennobled.

Thus Your Lord addresseth you. Inasmuch as ye have caused mankind to see the wonders of the eternal ye have done a work unto Me. The Great Ones of the Past assist you, knowing my desire is all mankind's enlightenment.

Think ye that if you bridge the planes that I speak not My speech to those who have longed to hear Me? We gather all the soul-famished of the world, I tell you, and bespeak them our Divinity.      PEACE

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