Online versions of three books by William D. Pelley are available here in their entirety.
This online format matches exactly the page numbers and layout of the actual books.

Why I Believe the Dead Are Alive

Elucidata - A Handbook of Expositions and Terms Used in Soulcraft

The Golden Scripts

Click on the link in each of the 4 section descriptions below to open a pdf document.

Section 1 (the First through Tenth Speakings):

Chapters 1 - 62 (241 pages)

Section 2 (the Eleventh through Eighteenth Speakings):

Chapters 63 - 117 (198 pages)

Section 3 (the Nineteenth through Twenty-Sixth Speakings):

Chapters 118 - 183 (205 pages)

Section 4 (the Twenty-Seventh through Thirty-Sixth Speakings):

Chapters 184 - 257 (264 pages)

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