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Less than half of the titles comprising the original Soulcraft Library remain in-print. A synopsis of each currently-available book is taken from advertisements in Soulcraft periodicals as indicated.

Index of In-Print Books Currently in Stock

(From Valor magazine, January, 1953)

The Great Work Is Done. There are 844 pages of them in the new Unabridged Edition, done on Bible paper and bound in limp round-cornered covers. To those who have “discovered” them, they amount to new "Sermons on the Mount", coming apparently from our Elder Brother’s matchless intellect for His disciples in this modern generation. They cover every personal and ethical subject troubling spiritually hungry people of today. Order

 (From Valor magazine, February, 1959)

Next to the Golden Scripts, the biography of the Elder Brother, as the Recorder of the Golden Scripts has known Him up across the centuries, is completed and available to readers in As Thou Lovest. This is an Intimate Portrayal of the Great Teacher of Galilee that integrates perfectly with His characterization as offered in the Golden Scripts of Soulcraft.

Into how many editions this book is due to go, is outside present telling. It is the one biggest story of the current generation. It is a portrait of that Christ who made no grandiose claims about Himself, who beheld this world of men solely as the vineyard to be tilled. You will gain to a new and rational understanding of this greatest of all world characters by reading it.

An Ohio Businessman Writes: “Dear Pelley: I got my copy of As Thou Lovest and bethought to read it like any other Soulcraft book.  But I had not gone far before I found myself assailed by the most incomprehensible emotions. The story as it unfolded seemed causing me to remember something, something so profoundly poignant that when I arrived at about the fourth chapter from the end I found I would not be able to read through to the close. Frankly, I haven’t finished the story, and I cannot.

“I can only explain it that I must have been alive I flesh over the time that the story covers. It was the arousing of my prenatal memory that so movingly affected me. This account of the Master’s life is so ‘right’ that I am left appalled. ‘That is the way it was!’ seems I can confirm from out of my own subconscious memories.

“Every Soulcrafter in America should read this book --- and tens of thousands who are not Soulcrafters. It will give them a portrait of The Christ that most of them should have despaired of getting…..“Most fraternally, P.P.C.”

(From Valor magazine, May, 1957)

A Report of Jesus of Nazareth as the Soulcraft Recorder maintains he remembers Him.  A portrayal of the life and times of the Elder Brother told with startling candor and graphic detail that has amazed and inspired thousands and will inspire other thousands still to discover it. Next to the Golden Scripts, this is the most informative and gratifying of the Soulcraft books. Order


(From Bright Horizons, June, 1954)

The entire great literature of the Soulcraft philosophy, a million or more words, came from this transcendent spiritual experience. “My only companion was Laska, a mammoth police dog….”, wrote William Dudley Pelley in beginning the article that was to make magazine and metaphysical history in America. Perhaps you recall the furor this article caused with printed in the March American Magazine back in 1929. Its author had gone to sleep of a May night in a California bungalow to find his soul-consciousness quitting his body and gaining to a plane where he encountered scores of “dead” acquaintances face to face! Returning to his body, he stayed in touch with sages on the Higher Octaves by a dramatically aroused Extra-Sensory Perception. Here is a story that has confirmed the faith of a hundred thousand people in Survival. Order


(From Valor magazine, Nov. 1955)

Its first publication was in 1938. That was 17 years bygone. When a books sells continuously over such a length of time, and when exhausted brings twice the price per copy than the original edition, it “has” something. Based on 5,000 pages of Mentor Instruction, its author had sought to expound how thinking had developed from animate earthly life, or animate earthly life had grown from thinking, as you prefer. But what he got was a survey of the development of intelligence, which for 17 years has been nominated by old and experienced Soulcraft readers as the biggest work he has ever done. Order


(From Valor magazine, Vol.1, no.11, July 11, 1951)

A Soulcraft Book That Explains How Matter Integrates in Ether to Form New Universes.  The stupendous story of how Matter coagulated out in the interstellar swirls of Ether, forming worlds as we know them. A book that is more than a work on Astronomy! It purports to be a great series of transcripts dictated by souls who have passed beyond human form, who describe how God projected the substances of the Universe and made the worlds for mortal habitation. This is the third great book in the Soulcraft Library --- your collection should have it! Order


(From Bright Horizons, February, 1954)

Why Men Take Wives. Too many men are unaware that the reason they would fall in love and acquire a feminine consort is because subconsciously they wish to complete themselves. A man trying to live earthly life without his proper woman, or a woman with her proper man, is suffering from a deficiency that is felt spiritually as much as physically. The latest Soulcraft book, Adam Awakes, was written to give “the Higher Facts of Life” to adults who don’t understand the real principle behind Sex Polarity. It offers you the most practical mystic lore on the romantic relationships and why they become what they do. No person of either gender should contemplate Matrimony without first possessing the enlightenment of this deluxe volume.

(From Valor magazine, February, 1959)

What Is This Woman’s Strange Influence over Me? A thousand times a year we confront persons, of our own sex or opposite sex, with who we had relations in lives antedating the present. We suffer the effects of these without suspecting their true motives.

Every Adult in America should read Adam Awakes to open his eyes to the odd fashion in which the sex debts of one life may require to be settled in another. Here are 252 pages of priceless information about Love, Romance, Matrimony and Parenthood that no one can afford to be without. Order


 (From Bright Horizons, June, 1954)

In this age of Flying Saucers … Are we brought face-to-face with the possibility that the various races of earth might have originally come to this planet by some form of travel in Space Ships? Star Guests is an extraordinary book purporting to have captured from sources above the mortal the cosmic account of how the human species reached this earth from across interstellar space, back in Miocene times. Where the human species originated and how it got upon terra firma … us the celebrated Fall of the Angels ….is one of the great arcane mysteries of Cosmos as well as the first book of the Bible. You need this volume to help you understand today’s Drama of the Skies!!

(From Bright Horizons, March, 1955)

How Did Human Life Get Upon Our Earth? Did it come here in flying saucers of a bygone geologic era? Did it evolve up from plant-life or appear from some sort of interstellar transportation like today’s flying saucers? In this terribly important Soulcraft book, Star Guests, the denizens of Higher Spheres contribute their opinions from data secured in more intricate dimensions of Space and Time. Accrediting their assertions, however, one thing is unchallenged: Most of the theological mysteries of the Old Testament that concern Creation stop being mysteries. You suddenly understand what the Bible has been trying to tell you in metaphor and allegory.

Star Guests….. Lays a basis for the whole phenomena of Religions and Races, enabling you to build a sound philosophy on the great celestial principles. You have disclosed to you the deeper esoteric meaning of The Christ coming among men when He did. Religion shapes up to you as something with a scientific astronomical premise. For one thing, it gives the perfect premise for Reincarnation. Read it and see this proved!

(From Valor magazine, May, 1957)

How Life Came to this Planet in the Beginning. Have Flying Saucers Ever Been Here Before? Report of the Original Migration. This book describes not only how the Soulcraft Recorder started his uncanny out-of-this-world transcripts, but lays the plausible background for the stupendous series of papers  that came out of a higher dimension of time and space in 1930 on the origin of earth-life as denizens of loftier octaves are aware of it.

A Book That Will Forever End Your Concerns About Animalistic Evolution. It tells you what stupendous cosmic truth was behind the Biblical accounts of the Great Sodomic Period described in Genesis and what burden of beastliness humanity is striving to work out of today. Particularly a book to be read and understood in the light of today’s Flying Saucer phenomena. It discloses the cosmic reason for the entrance of Jesus the Christ into the world religious scene. A “must” book for all those aspiring to master the Soulcraft Scripts that follow. Order


(From Bright Horizons, March, 1955)

Know Your Karma tells you what day-to-day life in the hereafter is like. This volume explains what makes Earthly Re-Visitation equitable and kindly and elective, permitting repayment of obligations to those we justly owe, winning their goodwill instead of their enmity, making the stupendous life process of gaining a new physical body something to be earned, something to be enjoyed.

Here are answers to your problems of Spirit-Progression ….reincarnation depicted as the generous, God-given privilege that it is, as gathered from the data of scores of materialized persons communicating their experiences in the higher life as they have confronted it. The Hindu notion of earthly return abandoned for the facts as western-world Christians encounter them.

(From Valor magazine, February, 1959)

The Book That Clarifies Why Your Life Contains the Seeming Injustices It Does. Karma is any action you have done toward another that results I his holding resentments against you. Some of the worst cases that carry over from life unto life are brought about by assuring a given person you will do a certain thing for him, carelessly defecting on that promise, congratulating yourself you “didn’t put it in writing” so that he might recover from you under the law. There is a higher law that operates which keeps you his debtor nonetheless until his feelings toward you are adjusted.

Ignorance Of The Law Is No Defense. Anything you have ever done to retard another person spiritually is collectable under karmic Law, though it go over into lives yet to come. Whoever holds feelings of any sort toward you because of your thoughtless or willful treatment of him puts a weight upon you that holds back your spiritual progress. You do not acquire karmic debts from accidental happenings.

People Don’t Understand Karma. The masses of the Orient have been instructed for generations in the workings of the laws of Karma, but they make several wrongful interpretations of its causes. Carried to excess they accredit what they call “The Wheel of Karma” that holds them in academic thrall to others life unto life. Soulcrafters profit by the higher Christian explanations of the karmic process and avoid situations that increase it right here and now. Order


(From Bright Horizons, March, 1955)

Does Consciousness Dictate to Time and Space? Begun as a sweeping compendium on Mysticis, this book turned out to be an examination of Individuality and why no two persons on earth are exactly alike. A strange work, indeed, not easy to describe, but it offers you a new estimate of yourself as a factor in Cosmos. Incidentally, the whole roster of the Soulcraft ideology is in it --- with more beside --- the sort of volume that is gong to make you stop and cogitate every few pages as new horizons on your own unsuspected capabilities startle you.

(From Valor magazine, November, 1955)

There Is a Fourth Discovery That man Makes.  First he discovers the universe, then he discovers God, then he discovers himself. But up the process of the ages he makes a fourth major discovery --- the Eternality of his own Mind!

Man Never Dies! Always in some form of Consciousness he keeps on existing. But do you know what those forms of Consciousness may be? What do you know about the powers and stamina of your own mind? Not until you are reliably and intelligently informed as to what Mind actually is, can you understand why the Mortal Scene is what it is. Order


(From Bright Horizons, December, 1954)

A Book for Grown-ups that Small Fry Should Know About. Soulcraft holds that children should be intelligently instructed in the knowledge that this is not the first time they have been in earthly life. The decision to come down and do specific work on the earth-plane is something that the small fry deserve to have explained tot hem. This big new book contains nothing that is precocious or concupiscent. It’s interest centers in the voluntary performance of the soul, contracting with its oldsters to come down and help compose a family with them for the sake of loving profits to all. Decidedly it guides parents encountering hyper-dimensional phenomena displayed by the young.

(From Valor magazine, May, 1957)

This Soulcraft book gets right down to the fundamentals of live. How the soul enters into the maternal embryo and grows with it into the child,  is described in this extraordinary volume, which, by the way, is told in such a fashion that the most innocent child may read it with profit.

Did you know that a mother can deny spiritual entrance to a soul to whom she is not supposed to give birth? This book will prove an eye-opener to you, particularly if you are a parent yourself.

The question has always been controversial, whether the Soul begins existence when its infant body is gestated and delivered, or whether it is a unit of prior consciousness that finds a way to enter the embryo and use the resulting body as earthly vehicle for 60-70 years.

The whole question of Human Birth is treated mystically but comprehensively in this Soulcraft book on the subject which no adult can afford to ignore. You suddenly perceive the reasons for a thousand-and-one mysteries of earth-life that have hitherto been a sealed book to you. Order


(Compiled into four soft-cover volumes, excerpted by Steven Louis Girard)

Excerpts from the psychically-received “Revelation” section of each of the Soulcraft Scripts. This collection contains excerpts from messages received clairaudiently from mentors on High Planes by William Dudley Pelley after his out-of-body experience in California in May of 1928. The messages, now called “Revelations”, were first published in their entirety as a series of weekly lessons accompanied by Mr. Pelley’s commentaries and passages from The Golden Scripts. Order



(Higher Mentor teachings compiled into a set of twelve matching maroon hard-cover volumes)

(From Bright Horizons , June, 1954)

In these twelve volumes are 156 written treatments of the earth’s greatest enigmas, expounded by Supernal Intellects who once lived in flesh themselves but have long since graduated into Higher Octaves of Time and Space.

Post-Graduate Education in the Eternal Verities. Through communication established by Extra-Sensory Perception (ESP), these Great Intellects have transferred back down upon the Plane of Mortality the fruits of their higher wisdom and observation. Proof that this is fact has been established by the circumstance that many of these loftier Counselors have succeeded in materialistic materialization and confirmed with their audible voices what they previously had spoken clairaudiently.

Mystical Scholars of many cults have been confounded and perturbed to find information in the Soulcraft Scripts that has seemed to surpass anything previously communicated to earth-folk. You owe it to yourself to determine whether this is so.

(From a pamphlet accompanying the Soulcraft Scripts)

THE SOULSCRIPTS, 156 of them, comprise the very core of Soulcraft doctrine. They constitute answers to every problem and quandary which the seeker after cosmic truth finds unanswered in Orthodoxy. It was noted that binding each in deluxe covers made a durable book for their preservation and reading in a sort of continuity. There are 8,000 words per Script, running to approximately 22 pages of text per subject. Order



1.  What Is Meant by Spirituality As Opposed to Materialism?

2.  What the Wisdom Tells Us about the Start of Human Life and Pur­pose of the Deluge

3.  How Those We Imagine "Dead" Continue to Exist and Protect Us

4.   How the Elder Brother Learned of His Divine Worldly Mission

5   The Process of Enjoying Earth-Life in an Ever-Upward Cycle

6.  Nature's Second-Law: The Expansion of Consciousness by Opposition

7.  Why All Souls Do Not Make Similar Progress up the Worlds

8.  The Enigma of Sex, and Why Woman Was described as Issuing from the Side of Man

9.  Why the Marxist Enigma Is Allowed in a World Supervised by High Principled Mentors

10.  The Meaning of the Counsel: "He Who Loses His Life for Others shall Find It"

11. Testimony from Higher Realms on the Experience Called Dying

12. Where the Higher Planes of Thought Which We Renter at Death are Geographically Located

13. How Old Souls in Earth-Life Disclose Their Cosmic Age



14. Why Souls in the Higher Realms Are Reluctant to Give Evidence of Their Spiritual Survival

15. Difference Between God the Father and the Mystery of Thought Incarnate

16. What Are Familiar Spirits and How Do We Identify Bona Fide Mentors?

17. What the Mystics of All Ages Have Meant by the Power of Holy Spirit

18. How the Use of Love Fed the Five Thousand with Five Loaves and Two Fishes

19. Do we Incur Karma by Neglecting to Aid the Spiritually Indolent?

20. When Christ Reappears, How Will He Assume His Rulership?

21. Incentive: What Is Happening When We Need Inspiration to Help Us Live our Lives?

22. Who, or What, Is the Antichrist, and Has It Arrived on Earth Already?

23. What Is Sin, and How Does It Differ from Crime and Vice?

24. The Legend of Lucifer and How the Devil Got into Theological Thinking

25. The Plan of Life, from the Antediluvian up to the Divine

26. Why the Great Program of Crea­tion Has Been Required to be Expressed in Allegory



27. The Enigma of Events and Whether God or Man Is Maker of Them

28. How the Higher Mentors Define Art and Beauty on Any Plane of Reality

29. Why Some People Cannot Be Killed by Accident or Catastrophe

30. What Christ Meant When He Said: "Arise and Go, Thy Faith Hath Made Thee Whole"

31. Why The Soul's Return Into Earth-Life Is Not More Clearly Understood

32. The Business of Going Out of the Body for Special Purposes and Missions

33. Intruders from the Invisible Who Cause More Mischief than They Give Help

34. Speaking of "Cosmos", What Are We Talking About and What Does It Comprise?

35. The Difference Between Body, Spir­it and Soul from the Cosmic Viewpoint

36. How Man's Soul-Spirit Acquires Distinction by Specializing in Effort

37. What We Know about Physical Incarnation and How Soul-Spirit Enters into Mortality

38. Four Odd Behaviors of Eternal Mind, Sometimes Called the Subconscious

39. How Psychical Gifts Are Spiritual Faculties Brought Through into Mortality



40. What We Know about the Memory Veil That Drops Between Each Earthly Life

41. The Enigma of Selfishness, or What Bearing Karma May Have on Generosity

42. How Holy Spirit Obtains Effects by the Phenomena of Light

43. What Spirituality Is, and Why It Must Always Manifest in Form

44. Why People Live Dream-Lives When Circumstances Fail to Fit their Karmic Programs

45. Why Others Are Necessary to Us in Gaining Full Benefits of What Life Has to Offer Us

46. What the Soul Can Do About Body Upon Death or Discarnation

47. How Embryonic Children are "Fed with Light" that Their Bodies May Develop

48. How the Birth and Death Cycle Operates as an Activity of the Subconscious

49. The Nature of Polarity Between the Masculine and Feminine to Achieve Earthly Purposes

50. 'Why Man Doesn't Recall His Earlier Experiences in Mortal Bodies

51. How the Pattern Body Assumes Shape at the Behest of Soul-Spirit

52. How Each Person's Career in Life Is Determined by His Requirements of Spirit



53.   Spirituality—Why Christ Hasn't Corrected Theological Error Up the Past Nineteen Centuries

54.   Domesticity—Why Some Adults Have Large Families While Others Are Childless

55.   Domesticity—Cosmic Funda­mentals that Cause Men and Women to Seek Each Other in Matrimony

56.   Parenthood—Why Some Children Expect to Gain Spiritually by Having the Parents that They Do

57.   Romance—What Cosmic Influence May Be Operating Behind Protracted Periods of Courtship

58.   Morals—How Those in Realms of Higher Consciousness Explain the Beginnings of Morals

59.   Experience—Why Adults Discover Life to be a Sequence of Obstruc­tions and Frustrations

60.   Incarnation—What the Earth State Is Striving To Work Out In the Individual

61.   Consciousness--Its Expansion by Development of Individuality to All Knowledge of the Universe

62.   Divinity—What Those on Loftier Levels Disclose About Nature and Function of God and Holy Spirit

63.   Celestiality—Applying Correct Understanding of Divine Consciousness to Earth's Practical Affairs

64.   Holy Spirit—How Its Introspective Thinking Produced Vibration and Thus Wrought Materials

65.   Organism—Connivance of Holy Spirit That Gives Its Self-Aware Parts the Vehicles for Ex­perience



66.   Primordia—The Necessity for a Material Universe That Holy Spir­it May Demonstrate Itself

67.   Divine Oceanus—Where So-Called New Souls Originate for an Expanding Universe

68.   Memory—The Enigma of Permanence of Sense Perception Impressed on the Psyche

69.   Eternal "Reflection"—How We Produce Thought-Forms that We Misname Memories

70.   Interdependence—How Holy Spirit Seeks to Coordinate Its Parts for Universal Organization

71.   Vibration--The Technique by which Holy Spirit Gets Effects in Materi­als and Organism

72.   Macrocosm—How to Identify the Transcendent Forces that Projected and Sustain the Macrocosm

73.   Holy Spirit—Why the God-Force Works for the Improvement of Sen­tient Beings

74.   How Men and Animals Measure Reality by Densities of their Own Organisms

75.   Where the Legend of the First Mor­tal Pair Originated and Our Confused Ideas about "Sin’

76.   Why Organism Develops for One Purpose and Soul-Spirit for Another

77.   How Occupancy of Organic Bodies Expands Spirit's Realization of Itself

78.   How the Early States of Man Worked for Spirit's Concept of Society



79.   How We Have Come by Our Inclinations to Live Life After a Ce­lestial Program

80.   The Necessity for Racial Divisions of Humankind and the Purpose They Serve

81.   Why Certain Races Have Espoused Peculiar Spiritual and Economic Practices

82.   Why the Races Have Crystallized their Cultures for Posterities

83.   What We Should Know about the Significance and Purpose of the Middle Races

84.   What the Red Races Sought to Accomplish by Western-World Isola­tion

85.   What We Should Know about the Caucasian Group of Mankind in Its Racial Beginnings

86.   What We Should Know about Near East Races In Which the Life Les-son Is Military Activity

87.   Why Souls Flood into the Diversified Branches of European and American Racial Stocks

88.   What the Phenomenon of Americanism Means in the Cosmic Blue-print

89.   How Human Institutions Quickly Developed Organized Adulation of Divinity

90.   How Spiritual Sensitivity from True Worship Results in Preservation of the Individual

91.   The Phenomenon of Priesthood and Its Place in Earth's Spiritual Insti­tutions



92.   Prophecy—The Cosmic Mechanism by which Events Are Foreseen

93.   Celestial Hierarchy—How the White Council Appoints Its Min­isters

94.   Change—Why Great Terrain Disturbances Are Permitted

95.   Ordeal—Why Certain People Are Called Upon to Go Through with Misfortune

96.   Opposition—What Souls Make Up the Dark Forces and Why

97.   Fearlessness—Why Righteous Souls Have No Fear of the Supernatural

98.   Righteousness—Why Evil Must Ultimately Defeat Itself

99.   Courage—The Role of Fear in the Present Crisis

100.  Attainment—The Goal of the Human Race from the Esoteric Angle

101.  Doubt—The Place of Skepticism in Religious Belief

102.  Lucifer—What We Should Know about Origin of The Devil

103.  Jesus—What Proofs We Have that Jesus Ever Lived

104.  The Divine Plan—For What Do We Hunger in Spiritual Instruction?



105.  Rulership—How Great Leaders Get Their Commissions to Serve in Earthly Society

106.  Mentorship—The Difference Be­tween Group-Mentorship and Advice Inflicted on Individuals

107.  Disruption—Why World Affairs Come to Climax Regularly Giving us Wars and Depressions

108.  Discipline—How the Life-Program, Self-Prescribed, Provides the Control Known as Social Discipline

109.  Money—Its Place in Human Affairs and How It Gives Protection

110.  Profits—The Cosmic Significance of Financial Gain and the Place of Loss in Matters of Spirit

111.  Service—The Mystery of Returning Value for Value from the Cosmic Angle

112.  Charity—How Charity Toward the Improvident Is Viewed From the After-Life

113.  Wealth—The Altered Estimate of Riches as Piscean Times End and Aquarian Times Open

114.  Conscience—What We Mean by Conscience …What is Happening When We Say It "Troubles” Us

115.  Mentorship—How Culture Is Improved and Sustained by Counsel from Old and Experienced Souls

116.  Selfishness—When It is Essential and When It is Anathema from the Cosmic Angle

117.  Illusion—Do You Know What It is, and Why It Persists in Development of Human Temperament?



118.  Individuality—Ambitions May Be Cues to the Eternal Personalities We Are Constructing in Cosmos

119.  Rebirth—The Fact and Purpose of Re-Ensoulment in the Flesh as Higher Mentors View It

120.  Free Will—Determining What Your Role in Life Should Be to Give Your Soul What It Requires

121.  Instincts—Where You Derive "Inherent Reactions" to Life's Situa­tions and Predicaments

122.  The Judgment—Why Confronting Divine judgment after Physical Death Is Improbable

123.  Civics—What Our Mentors See as Succeeding Today's Communistic Turmoil

124.  Exemption—Identifying Those Who Come Unscathed through Climactic Ordeals and Changes

125.  Sin—Settling the Question of Celestial Moral Rectitude as the Higher Life Views It

126.  Balance—Spiritual Cause Behind Nervous Breakdowns and Improper Reactions to Life Experience

127.  Non-Resistance—Making the Distinction Between Force to Chastise an Individual, Race or Nation

128.  Retribution—Distinction between Ordinary Karma and the Distinctive Penalty Called Retribution

129.  Self-Awareness—How the Sense of Self Is Strengthened by Rigorous Earthly Experience

130.  Communication—How We Distinguish Between Familiar Spirits and Mentors of Celestial Wisdom



131.  Parentage: How Earth-Life in Similar Environment May Benefit Two Qualities of Consciousness

132.  Temperaments: Why Some Mortals Give More Mental Energy to the Pursuit of Truth than Others

133.  Psycho-Geography: Planes above Earth-Life and What the Soul Encounters After Physical Release

134.  The Comforter: Was the Paraclete of Scripture Purely a Creation of Theological Imagination?

135.  Psychics: The Differences Between Communication, Psychical Research, Mysticism and Occultism

136.  Allegory: The Plan of Holy Spirit for Earth-Life and Why It Is Described in Symbolic Presentations

137.  Numerology: The Cosmic Premise for Numbers Having Influence on Development of Our Characters

138.  The Phenomenon of Religious Organization and Cause of Church Congregation in Christianity

139.  Ho w Thought-Energy Fashions Substance Through the Medium of Light

140.  Spinal Energy Called “Kundalini” by Eastern Mystics Normally Held In control by Ethical Use

141.  How Intellect indicates What May be Lurking in Memory From Previous Earthly Lives

142.  The Business of Finding Out the Nature of Our Errands to Ourselves Life by Life

143.  The Difference Between Faith that Moves Mountains and Desire-Wish Fulfillment



144.  Spiritual and Psychical Process Involved in Creation of Human Offspring

145.  Moods May Indicate You Have Not Fully Absorbed Profits From Previous Lives

146.  Knowing What Clairaudience Is and How to Respond to It Intelligently

147.  How the Higher Mentors Regard the Elements Making for Material Life in Mortality

148.  Entities Who Give Us Psychical Indigestion by Their Assumptions of Celestial Authorities

149.  The Master Appends News of His Second Coming to a Lecture on Sacred Physics

150.  To What Extent Are Occult Practices Dangerous to the Student Sincerely Seeking Truth

151.  Why Integrity of Character Means Everything to Those Estimating the Higher-Life Values

152.  Prayer: Its Purpose in Life’s Major Appeals to Higher and Wiser Counselors

153.  Reaction of Organic Glands to Spiritual Motivations For Being In Life

154.   What Constitutes Normality in the Earth-Scene ….Soulcraft Views on Bodily Health

155.  What Man comes Upon the Earth-Plane to Acquire; How He Knows Purpose is Accomplished

156.  Some Final Words of Counsel From the Mentors About Eternally pursuing Cosmic Truth



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