What went ye forth to seek,
A bed of heliotropes in which ye might delight your senses?

It is not fairer to say that ye didst chose thistles for your resting places,
That there might be no ease until the work ye do be finished?

Harken to my voice, ye who sally forth
carrying waters of instruction to the lips of thirsty men:

What went ye forth to seek, fine robes of linen to cover your nakedness,
That ye might be proud of raiment?

Or the coarsest of garments, that others might stand without embarrassment
In the presence of those who have come to them serving?

What went ye forth to seek, the avenues of goodly hopes,

Or the roads of circumspection that make you to know no resting-place
That hath luxury in it while there are trudgers in hot sunshine?

Thus were ye always, in that your love was great for one another,
Yet greater for the world.

Golden Scripts 105:1-5

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