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My dearly beloved, harken to my wisdom.

Cometh a time unto every man when he saith: "Where is the creature who is complement to myself? Behold I am half a soul. I perceive in the depths of my creation that I am incomplete. I have left remnants of myself up the shores of Time. I know not fullness in my being.

What is this fulfillment of being, beloved, but man's hunger for womanspirit, that she may make total of him! What is that hunger which assaileth the female of man's species,but that she shall know her masculine soul-stuff from which she separated before the sun and stars spawned?

Woman originally was no different from man, for verily men are women constantly, and women are men, as it pleaseth the half of the soul to exercise. I say unto you, it were best from the Beginning that man in his spirit should be divided. That which was tender and long-suffering within him was best set apart, that he should be rejoined to it when the End Times are come.

What meaneth One Flesh? I say that men and women, as ye do witness them in earth-life at the moment, are warp and woof of identical cosmic stuffs; they are one person divided into two; they are Alpha and Omega of all existence, unit unto unit, in Lambent consciousness. Yet I say unto you more.

The time hath come, in that which ye call Civilization, when a man shall look upon the wife of his bosom and perceive her for what she is. She hath traveled a long and thorny road with him. She hath been the softer and tenderer aspect of himself, inculcated in an organism that preserveth his species by becoming a fecund and giving birth unto the vehicles for expression of offspring on your earth-plane. Should she not be honored for this? What merit hath she otherwise if man looketh upon her to lust after her and, having satisfied his lust, abandoneth her to the trials and rigors of earth's fortunes?

Woman hath come unto Man and said unto him, "I am your passion and your amour; I am your sweet thought at sundown when the lily hath her folding; I am your good angel and your benediction when that which ye have strived in hath been crowned with its emoluments; I am your compassion and your comrade; I am she who taketh upon herself the enoblements you have defaulted in and holdeth them up that ye see them lambently.

And yet I tell you, beloved, man who taketh woman unto his bosom taketh but himself in all those aspects in which he defaulteth as his masculine flesh.

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