(From Twilight Clear)

How did I come by my laughter and brawn?
How have I come by my nerve?
How have I come by the thrills of my heart
That give me the wild ache to serve?

How do I come by the flash of my thought?
How do I come by my love?
How do I come by the chord of my joy
When angel wings beat close above?

Where did I learn how to sidestep the wrong?
Where have I learned how to fight?
Where did I learn how to open the door
That lets in bright cohorts of Light?

Where did I learn why the oceans of stars
Rest like old waves on my head?
Where have I learned that living is Life
And Death is a jest to the dead?

Why need I doubt I have been here before?
Why need I contrast despair?
Why should I say with a curl to my lip
That Time has no more Iives to spare?

One life on earth? The thought is absurd;
The High Gods are lost in their age.
I write with the minions of Light up the years,
For I am mine own cosmic page!

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