(From Twilight Clear)

The World is a play where you stride to your role,
And plaudits of millions ensue!
The earth is a war where enlisting you serve,
With Purple Hearts pinned on a few!

Great Life is a test which you pass in or fail,
With your soul whipped alive to the cry:
“It isn’t the fight which you fight for the spoils,
But with how much pluck do you try?”

You climb from the Low to the Radiant High,
The rock scars of Wrong bruise your gear,
You scale the tall bastions of Hunger and Doubt,
And vanquish what dragons appear!

You faint and you kneel, the price seems too great,
You nearly trade zeal for a sigh!
It isn't your wreaths that attest to your worth,
But with how much pluck do you try?

Morale is the thing, as you barter High Life
For the merit that wins goals alone!
The Lord of the Worlds is a chief unabashed
That the strength of His cohorts be known!

Persistence is holy, Desire is a wraith,
The Track to the Summit is high!
It isn't the heights that you win in the end
But with how much pluck do you try?

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