(From Twilight Clear)

I have caroled my songs from the cheer of mine heart!
I have hallowed the lore of the sage!
I have thrown back the doors of the Temple of Dreams,
As its harps played the Psalm of the Age.

I have signaled my brethren whose souls have known fear
At the din of a brassy world's shouts,
That they sight to the Light at the top of the height
And disdain the dark dirge of their doubts.

Sweet singer, sing on! The Master Dawn roars!
This New Sunrise is heady with Love!
The wealth and the rest, and the depth and the crest
Of the God-World comes in from Above!

What say ye, Wise Teacher, of this mist up Life's Crags?
Is there more to be grasped at decease?
I hear the proud tocsin: "My dearly beloved,
Climb in valor, past twilight, to PEACE!"

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